With his new lakefront vacation home secured and most of his supporters sold out to Queen Hillary, Bernie Sanders continues to show that he was always a fraud. Back when he was still playing the part of the Democrat opposition to the Clintons, Bernie made a big show of support for the primary challenger of Debbie “the Carp” Wasserman Schultz but now appears to have thrown Tim Canova under the bus.

The Hill reports “Canova: Waiting for Sanders to return my call”:

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s primary challenger said he’s still waiting to hear back from Sen. Bernie Sanders about campaigning together ahead of next week’s primary election.

Tim Canova told The Young Turks on Tuesday that “it is a bit disappointing” that Sanders, who has endorsed the law school professor, hasn’t campaigned with him.

“I’m waiting for Bernie to return my call, and not just Bernie, a couple people very high up in his camp,” he said. “We are hoping that the Sanders campaign does still come through, that Bernie comes through, and makes an appearance for us or at the very least helps us raise some more money during such a critical period down the home stretch.”

Sanders told USA Today earlier this year that he might campaign with Canova as the Democrat tries to unseat Wasserman Schultz, the former chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee who Sanders repeatedly criticized through the presidential primary.

Canova said Tuesday he wasn’t “quite sure why [Sanders] backed off” but floated that he could be following advice from Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

“It might be pressure from the Clinton camp,” he added. “It might be that he’s put his faith and trust in some folks around him who have been negotiating with the Clinton camp and for some reason thought ours was a race to sacrifice.”

Clinton has endorsed Wasserman Schultz, and campaigned with her in Florida earlier this month.

But Bernie won’t call and Canova is one more of the poor dupes who were played for suckers by the plastic revolutionary.

Sanders has not one iota of integrity in his mangy, wild-haired socialist body which his ardent backers are now finding out. If Bernie was for real, then he not only would have told Clinton to go and pound sand at the convention, leading a parade of anti-establishment rabble into the streets but also go out and knock on doors for Canova given the damage done to him by Wasserman Schultz as was made public in the DNC email dump courtesy of agents of Putin Wikileaks last month. Clinton has been campaigning on behalf of the wild-haired South Florida shrew as well which doesn’t bode well for Canova.

But Bernie got his beach house, Debboe the Carp was assimilated into the actual Clinton campaign and his followers were left holding a flaming bag of dogshit. I actually know a good many progs and I warned them from the beginning that Bernie was peddling snake oil but none are as blind as those who refuse to see.

Image by Ben Garrison of GRRR Graphics.