In the latest episode of Saving Queen Hillary, CNN has brought out it’s celebrity doctor for a long distance diagnosis of Donald Trump. Now that Mrs. Clinton has pulled off the amazing feat of opening a jar of pickles on the Jimmy Kimmel show and been given a clean bill of health by the national media it’s time to turn the tables on Trump. So it was that America’s most trusted physician Dr. Sanjay Gupta made a house call to the Clinton News Network.

According to The Hill “CNN’s Gupta: Is Trump at risk of heart disease?”:

CNN’s Sanjay Gupta is casting doubt Donald Trump’s health, even asking whether the GOP presidential nominee is at risk of heart disease.

“I don’t even know what to make of this letter,” Gupta told CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield on Tuesday, referring to a letter from Dr. Harold Bornstein, who examined Trump last December. “Whether you are a doctor or not, that degree of hyperbole and these words being used is very unusual. People don’t write like that. ‘Strength and stamina are extraordinary.’ What does that mean, exactly?”

During Bill Clinton’s time as president, Gupta served as a healthcare adviser to Hillary Clinton, Trump’s Democratic opponent in the 2016 election.

On Wednesday, the neurosurgeon went even further in questioning Trump’s health during an appearance on CNN’s morning program, “New Day.”

“Here you have a lot of language with not a lot of data to back it up,” he told host Chris Cuomo while analyzing Bornstein’s letter. “They say he’s on a statin. What’s his cholesterol? You’ve indicated in some way that he has some these types of medicines he’s taking — for what, exactly? Does he have a risk of heart disease?”

While Dr. Gupta may be a celebrity he is also a political hack with ties to the Clinton crime family. That he is given national airtime in order to engage in rumor-mongering against the Republican party nominee as a counter to legitimate questions about Hillary’s health is ou