If recent patterns apply, liberals will be quick to point fingers at the Russians after some very bad people defaced the website of the all-female Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones. The precious XXXL snowflake who had Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos exiled from Twitter over hurting her feelings has once again been victimized – this time by hackers who updated her website with ‘racist’ images and revealed personal information.

But wait…. It gets worse…

Her NUDE pictures were been hacked too!!

As reported by the New York Daily News “Leslie Jones’ website hacked, with nude photos and personal information exposed”:

Leslie Jones is the victim of a horrifying hacking incident in which someone cracked into her website and exposed what appeared to be private nude photos of the comedienne.

The heartless hacker also filled the page with images of the “Saturday Night Live” star’s driver’s license and passport, revealing her personal information.

A video of Harambe, the gorilla who was shot and killed at a Cincinnati Zoo this summer, was also posted to the top of her website.

An FBI source said the agency was “aware” of the hacking and “assessing the situation.”

But of course the feds are on the case, perhaps it will even merit an official condemnation by Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

It’s pretty difficult to find anything sympathetic about a narcissistic, thin-skinned actress who dabbles in activism being targeted by hackers. This is even more the case when the woman has the poor judgement to store nude pictures of her big fat ass in the cloud which is not a secure environment.

The media will make it all about race too which fits the narrative with Queen Hillary’s big speech to slander and slime Trump supporters as white supremacists. Jones will probably even merit some love from Mrs. Clinton who has this thing for using African-American people as props.

Liberals will wail and cry for across the board internet censorship and the imposition of totalitarian police state measures but Jones will benefit greatly from the attention.