As Queen Hillary continues her relentless quest to surpass one billion dollars in political payola, she is seeking to tap into Mitt Romney’s donor network. Mrs. Clinton is hoping to exploit anti-Trump sentiment with her appeal to establishment Republicans who are in mortal terror that Donald Trump would bust up their rackets. While a lot of millionaires and billionaires of the sort that are politically inclined like to pay lip service to their own country, they are not going to be the ones who put America first when they stand to profit off of the corrupt crony capitalist system.

According to Politico “Clinton asks Romney’s allies for cash to stop Trump”:

Hillary Clinton’s team is on the market for more millionaires. This time, Mitt Romney’s millionaires.

After successfully encouraging disaffected, high-profile Republicans to publicly disavow their party’s nominee, Clinton’s campaign in the last two weeks has launched a coordinated effort to convince conservatives to give money to the only woman standing in Donald Trump’s way, and to get their friends to do the same.

The effort began Aug. 12, when Clinton finance director Dennis Cheng wrote a 1,200-word email to the candidate’s top fundraisers, describing how they could win over GOP and independent contributors. That email included a sample letter fundraisers could send Republican prospects and presents potential aisle-crossers the option to donate or raise either $10,000, $27,000, $50,000, or $100,000 for the Clinton operation.

In a pitch delivered one fundraiser to another, Clinton’s wealthiest Democratic allies are targeting their friends and colleagues in Republican fundraising networks including Romney’s. They’re asking for direct contributions to the campaign and an assist in bundling big-dollar donations from other anti-Trump Republicans.

The political opening to launch what Clinton’s team is now calling the Together for America Finance Council became clear to her campaign during the Democratic National Convention, when former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, an independent, and a handful of Republicans spoke for Clinton.

“You saw a light get switched on over the two weeks of the conventions,” said one high-level Democratic fundraiser affiliated with Clinton’s finance operation. The choice to specifically target Republican money grew out of the broader push to win verbal support of big-name Republicans who remained out of step with Trump: there was a clear chance, say political cash operatives aligned with both Clinton and Romney, to monetize it while depriving Republicans of campaign money they would usually be able to rely on.

While their dirty money may help deliver the White House to the Clintons, the Republican fat cats have delivered a message loud and clear to the voters who have reliably voted for the GOP – that message is that money talks and democracy walks. Conservatives should be keeping score on who is aiding and abetting the enemy and if Hillary is installed in the White House, flips the Supreme Court for a generation and starts targeting political dissent then they will know exactly who to blame for it.

The Clinton ATM machine should find fertile ground in Romney territory, it was from there that the Never Trump movement sprang in the first place. The media sang the praises of prominent Romney backer and Hewlett-Packard executive Meg Whitman who was one of the first RAT’s off the GOP ship and she’s already writing checks to put Hillary into the White House.

The transformation of the United States of America into what amounts to a corrupt banana republic under the eight-year reign of Emperor Barack Obama is the biggest story of the century yet there are crickets from the mainstream media.