The wave of liberal degeneracy and intolerance that has spread across the nation’s college campuses like some brain-eating disease found an outlet in Austin, TX this week. Students organized to protest a new law permitting the concealed carry of handguns on public university campuses by flaunting – and this is no joke – dildos. With an innovative idea that could catch on and spread, student activists launched the “Cocks Not Glocks” campaign in hopes to get attention to the ongoing leftist assault on the Second Amendment.

The Guardian is reporting “Cocks Not Glocks: Texas students carry dildos on campus to protest gun law”:

It was a typical scene at the start of the new school year – student groups setting out tables and trying to sign up recruits for sororities, clubs and religious organisations. Until the end of the row, that is, where hundreds of people had gathered to pick up free dildos.

Wednesday’s Cocks Not Glocks protest against Texas’s “campus carry” law was held on the first day of classes at the University of Texas at Austin, which has spearheaded resistance to the new rule from students and faculty members at colleges in the state.

The rally took place along a tree-lined avenue beneath the tower at the heart of the campus from where Charles Whitman embarked on a shooting spree on 1 August 1966.

The new law, passed last year by Texas’s Republican-dominated legislature, came into effect on the 50th anniversary of the massacre. It permits licensed gun owners aged 21 and older to carry concealed handguns in most places on public university campuses, including dorms and classrooms.

We have crazy laws but this is by far the craziest, that you can’t bring a dildo to campus but you can bring your gun

Demonstrators gathered to brandish sex toys in the air or strap them to their backpacks. Or other places. “We have crazy laws here but this is by far the craziest, that you can’t bring a dildo on to campus legally but you can bring your gun. We’re just trying to fight absurdity with absurdity,” said Rosie Zander, a 20-year-old history student.

“We wanted something fun that people could really engage in. Because it’s hard to get involved in the political process at our age, people our age don’t tend to vote or get involved, and this is so easy. Strap a dildo on and you’re showing the Texas legislature this is not a decision we wanted.”

Standing near a pile of empty boxes and a decorative small forest of upright phalluses, Zander said that Cocks Not Glocks has distributed more than 5,000 dildos in the past five days, donated by sex shops.

The flaming liberal Huffington Post is impressed and devoted a story to the effort of the UT students. Given the HUFFPO’s infatuation with dildos it should generate plenty of page views. As for the young lady in the image, that picture with the big black rubber dick may come back to haunt her once she graduates and has to go out and find a job. Orwellian Human Resource departments are increasingly looking into the past internet activity of potential employees and there is no way to downplay an image like that.

The decline of western civilization continues and nears free fall speed. You just can’t make shit like this up.