The increasingly unstable Hillary Clinton has released another race-baiting ad as her campaign seeks to defend against Donald Trump’s unconscionable efforts to reach out to black voters. The Dems are tripling down on peddling racial animosity and scheming to run out the clock without having to debate any real issues before the election. Trump finally triggered the full scale nuclear attack when he dared to point out that Queen Hillary was a cynical bigot who promised much and would deliver nothing to African-Americans. The establishment is punching back hard and the media is awash in inflammatory stories to keep the minority vote locked safety inside the gates of the Clintonland plantation.

Reuters reports “Clinton attacks Trump’s outreach to black voters in new ad”:

Democrat Hillary Clinton called on Friday for voters to reject the “bigotry” of Donald Trump’s White House campaign, releasing a television ad criticizing his efforts to appeal to black voters and saying she was reaching out to people from all parties who are troubled by his candidacy.

The ad shows video of Trump’s controversial pitch to black voters, in which the Republican candidate urges them to support him by asking, “What do you have to lose?” It also shows headlines about a racial discrimination lawsuit the New York real estate mogul faced in the 1970s.

Clinton’s presidential campaign said the ad, released a day after she gave a speech accusing Trump of fueling America’s “radical fringe,” would air in the hotly contested states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The new onslaught comes on the heels of Mrs. Clinton’s big speech in Reno where she sought to tie Trump to the so-called alt-right, a conglomeration of unaffiliated Internet bloggers and activists. Hillary’s forked tongue flickered from both sides of her mouth when she accused the Donald of trafficking in conspiracy theories but loosed the biggest one of all – that Putin was behind everything. It was at that moment that any doubt that Colonel Kurtz had reached the end of the river and gone totally insane should have been laid to rest.

If the media can keep the smoke machine running on high for a little over two months, she will receive her tin foil crown and be lavishly rewarded for playing the race card.