The unprecedented insertion of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) into this year’s election process is a grim reminder of how close we are to fascism. In hammering the narrative that the Russians are out to hack the election to keep the entitled Hillary Clinton out of the White House, the Obama regime has a veritable blank check to use the federal government to ensure her coronation. The DHS is already a monstrous entity that has far exceeded it’s original purpose of keeping America safe from terrorist attacks – see the Leslie Jones hack investigation – and is a Gestapo in waiting for a leader who chooses to utilize it for political reasons. Reasons like making sure that the election is rigged in order to keep Donald Trump away from the presidency. But some are balking at the federal overreach.

According to the Politico story “Elections security: Federal help or power grab?”:

The federal government wants to help states keep hackers from manipulating the November election, amid growing fears that the U.S. political system is vulnerable.

But Georgia’s top election official is balking at the offers of assistance — and accusing the Obama administration of using exaggerated warnings of cyberthreats to intrude on states’ authority.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp’s objections add to a bumpy start for the Department of Homeland Security’s attempt to shore up safeguards for the election, during a summer when cyberattacks on the Democratic National Committee have called attention to weaknesses across the electoral system. Cybersecurity experts call tougher protections long overdue for parties, political advocacy groups and voting machinery, but DHS’ efforts risk becoming caught in the same partisan arguments about state sovereignty that have hung up programs such as President Barack Obama’s Medicaid expansion.

“It seems like now it’s just the D.C. media and the bureaucrats, because of the DNC getting hacked — they now think our whole system is on the verge of disaster because some Russian’s going to tap into the voting system,” Kemp, a Republican, told POLITICO in an interview. “And that’s just not — I mean, anything is possible, but it is not probable at all, the way our systems are set up.”

With political hack Jeh Johnson heading up DHS there is good reason to suspect mischief afoot with the department’s offer to rig inspect the voting machines and two states have already sought to reject the federal meddling in the election process.

According to the Hill “Two swing states decline DHS security for voting machines”:

Two swing states, Pennsylvania and Georgia, are declining an offer from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to scan their voting systems ahead of the 2016 elections.

In August, DHS offered to help states thwart potential hacking amid cybersecurity concerns about just how easily a U.S. election could be manipulated.

Georgia and Pennsylvania, however, have opted out. Instead, the two states will rely on their own systems to monitor potential election hacking, reports NextGov.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp cited state sovereignty concerns.

“The question remains whether the federal government will subvert the Constitution to achieve the goal of federalizing elections under the guise of security,” he told Nextgov in an email. “Designating voting systems or any other election system as critical infrastructure would be a vast federal overreach, the cost of which would not equally improve the security of elections in the United States.”

Pennsylvania, a battleground state, expressed confidence in its own ability to hold a secure election.

“Pennsylvania has implemented policies, technologies, best practices and procedures around the safeguarding of data and the protection of our applications, systems and resources,” Pennsylvania Department of State spokeswoman Wanda Murren told NextGov. “We constantly monitor our data and systems for vulnerabilities and attempted attacks in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape.”

The feds however will be relentless – especially if Hillary starts losing ground in the cooked polls – and the Russian bogeyman will be rolled out well in advance of Halloween to sell the public on DHS involvement. If nothing else, Emperor Obama may just issue one of his executive orders and bring to mind a famous quote of a man who must be one of his idols – Joseph Stalin – who famously remarked  “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything” and once the camel’s nose is under the tent you can kiss free elections goodbye forever.

If Trump somehow manages to survive the system’s efforts to reinstate the Clintons to the throne then he would be well advised to break up the Department of Homeland Security into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.