The New York Times continues to function as a propaganda arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign and is out with another doozy. In a featured story over one hundred establishment Republicans are listed and hailed for stabbing their own nominee in the back. The RATs are still scurrying about as the party prepares to take a dive in the election and the NYT doesn’t want to fail to show it’s appreciation.

The piece is a timeline of Trump statements that were turned into faux scandals and concocted controversies running the gamut from golden oldies like “They’re Bringing Drugs, They’re Bringing Crime, They’re Rapists” to “He’s Not a War Hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured” to “He’s the founder of ISIS” with the rogues gallery of RATs lined up at corresponding points.

Most of the list is compromised of bureaucrats and political hacks who most folks wouldn’t know from Adam but there are a number of marquee names as well.

Some of the prominent RATs cited in “At Least 110 Republican Leaders Won’t Vote for Donald Trump. Here’s When The Reached Their Breaking Point”:

Jeb Bush: Watched in horror as Trump used him as a punching bag and scuttled the Bush family’s restoration to the throne.

Mitt Romney: Narcissistic, embittered loser who like a bad case of genital Herpes just won’t go away.

Henry A. Paulson: Former Treasury Secretary and Goldman Sachs executive who made sure his cronies received a big bailout after the 2008 stock market crash.

Senator Lindsey Graham: A media favorite and warmongering crank who never saw a conflict that he wouldn’t send Americans off to die in.

Senator Susan Collins: A media darling when it comes to example of “moderate” Republican and feminist who bolted for Hillary.

Tom Ridge: Former DHS boss who admitted manipulation of color-coded terrorism threat levels for political gain.

Michael Hayden: Head of the NSA before and during 9/11. Instead of being held accountable was instead made head of CIA and on call media personality.

Paul Wolfowitz: Neocon ideologue among those responsible for duping George W. Bush into disastrous Iraq invasion.

Michael Chertoff: Former DHS boss who cashed in on government service as lobbyist for naked body scanners.

Brent Scowcroft: Poppy Bush administration figure.

Ben Sasse: Was potential Never Trump candidate before being admonished by Nebraska GOP over attempt to defy primary voters.

Carlos Curbelo: South Florida ally of Marco Rubio who spouted conspiracy theories that Trump was a mole sent by the Clintons.

Also the NYT recently published an oped by former CIA acting director Michael Morrell making the case for Hillary and it’s difficult to find any real news in it’s pages given the devotion to so much daily space solely to put her into the White House. Combine the list of anti-Trump power players with the majority of GOP congressional leaders as well as the party itself which has failed to defend their nominee from a series of media smear campaigns and it’s evident that the GOP has decided to throw the election with a big assist from the media