It’s back to the future as the Cold War reboot continues to pick up steam. It’s not only Hillary Clinton who has been babbling about Russian leader Vladimir Putin as an omnipotent villain out of a James Bond movie but the establishment as a whole. With the very real possibility of a monster voter turnout for Trump to topple the corrupt elite the narrative is being established to nullify the election results by pre-blaming a Hillary loss on a hack by the Russians.

The Department of Homeland Security has been inserting itself into the election process under the pretense of preventing a foreign hack of voting machines and now Loretta Lynch’s FBI is claiming to have found “evidence” of Russian tampering. Mind you, this is the same FBI that dropped the Clinton private server investigation like a hot potato after Slick Willie met with Lynch on that airplane in Phoenix.

According to the nexus of anti-Trump propaganda at the Washington Post “Russian Hackers targeted Arizona election system”:

Hackers targeted voter registration systems in Illinois and Arizona, and the FBI alerted Arizona officials in June that Russians were behind the assault on the election system in that state.

The bureau described the threat as “credible” and significant, “an eight on a scale of one to 10,” Matt Roberts, a spokesman for Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan (R), said Monday. As a result, Reagan shut down the state’s voter registration system for nearly a week.

It turned out that the hackers had not compromised the state system or even any county system. They had, however, stolen the username and password of a single election official in Gila County.

Roberts said FBI investigators did not specify whether the hackers were criminals or employed by the Russian government. Bureau officials on Monday declined to comment, except to say that they routinely advise private industry of cyberthreats detected in investigations.

The Arizona incident is the latest indication of Russian interest in U.S. elections and party operations, and it follows the discovery of a high-profile penetration into Democratic National Committee computers.

Interesting timing for the piece accusing the Russians meddling in Arizona on the same day that Beltway icon John McCain is facing a heated primary challenge.

The always slimy Dana Milbank promotes another variation of the establishment’s desperation in his column “A Putin-sponsored October surprise?”:

The Russians have just given us an August glimpse of a potential October surprise.

We learned earlier this summer that cyber-hackers widely believed to be tied to the Kremlin have broken into the email of the Democratic National Committee and others. The Post’s Ellen Nakashima reported Monday night that Russian hackers have also been targeting state voter-registration systems. And, in an apparent effort to boost Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy, they’re leaking what they believe to be the most damaging documents at strategic points in the campaign.

Last week, we learned something else: The Russians aren’t just hackers — they’re also hacks. Turns out that before leaking their stolen information, they are in some cases doctoring the documents, making edits that add false information and then passing the documents off as the originals.

Foreign Policy’s Elias Groll reported last week that the hackers goofed: They posted both the original versions of at least three documents and their edited versions. These documents, stolen from George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, were altered by the hackers to create the false impression that Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny was funded by Soros. A pro-Russian hacking group, CyberBerkut, had inserted Navalny’s name, bogus dollar amounts and fabricated wording.

This raises an intriguing possibility: Are Vladimir Putin’s operatives planning to dump edited DNC documents on the eve of the presidential election?

Milbank’s piece is playing off the latest stroke of genius from Team Hillary. In what is pretty much an admission that they can’t stop the release of damning documents right before the election, the masterminds in the bowels of the Clinton command bunker have decided that they will just sell the idea that anything that does get released is a forgery. The level of skullduggery is astonishing and much of the Dem tactics seem to have been cribbed directly from the old USSR’s Cold War disinformation playbook.

Peddling propaganda that all future information on the Clinton criminal empire will be Russian fabrications is a bullshit biscuit that will be gobbled up by the masses of asses but the real thing to worry about are the increased efforts by actual federal agencies – under control of Barack Obama – that are now laying the groundwork to reverse a Trump victory by attributing it to Russian interference in the election. The question is what will happen if millions of Americans go out and vote to oust the rotten political elite only to be told that their will has been overturned due to a “hacking” of the voting machines. It will be attributed to Putin’s desire to see Trump elected – all based on evidence that is too secret to present to the public – and allow the government to reverse the results.

There surely would be massive unrest but the question is how would a lawless narcissist like Obama react? That is a very disturbing thing to ponder because his contempt for the Constitution has already been established and there would be nothing to stop him.