Raving fascist lunatic Hillary Clinton’s troubles continue to pile up on a daily basis. After her conspiracy theory laden Alt-Right speech fell flat and with Donald Trump gaining in the polls, a very serious catastrophe may be nearing. Despite an epic amount of pandering and the shift of her campaign to make racism the central issue, it may be that it is finally starting to dawn on African-Americans that the Democrats don’t give a rat’s ass about them and that Mrs. Clinton is only walking over them on her way to the White House. The latest leak by hacker Vladimir Putin Guccifer 2.0 (allegedly procured from Nancy Pelosi’s own computer) shows the condescending attitude that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) held towards the Black Lives Matter goons and the group is really pissed about it.

The Washington Times reports “Black Lives Matter rips Democrats for leaked memo on how to pacify activists”:

Black Lives Matter accused the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of trying to placate activists after a hacker leaked on Wednesday an internal party memo advising candidates on how to handle the movement.

The Nov. 9 memo to by former DCCC staffer Troy Perry urged candidates to listen but “don’t offer support for concrete policy positions”; limit the number of activists who meet with staff; and never say “all lives matter.”

“We are disappointed at the DCCC’s placating response to our demand to value all Black life. Black communities deserve to be heard, not handled,” Black Lives Matter said in a statement issued Wednesday. “People are dying.”

The group added that, “We expect that our elected officials will stop pacifying and take us seriously.”

Mr. Perry, who now works for the Hillary Clinton campaign, characterized Black Lives Matter as a “radical movement” and the memo as a “best practices” guide for candidates and campaign staff.

He warned that the document “should not be emailed or handed by anyone outside of the building.”

The hacker Guccifer 2.0 said the memo, posted online along with several other documents, was taken from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s personal computer.

DCCC national press secretary Meredith Kelly issued a statement Wednesday in support of Black Lives Manner, insisting that, “We will not allow this hacking to distract from our common goals nor disparage the BLM movement.”

“The DCCC highly respects and values the leadership of the Black Lives Matter movement,” Ms. Kelly said. “In less than two years, BLM has evolved from three words into a political force that is changing and waking our nation. At the DCCC, we highly encourage our candidates to not only embrace the importance of this movement, but to meet with and listen to community activists to partner social change.”

In addition to avoiding “all lives matter,” the memo advised against mentioning “black on black crime,” saying, “This response will garner additional media scrutiny and only anger BLM activists.”

If Hillary starts hemorrhaging black support then it will be up to Jeh Johnson’s Department of Homeland Security to save her ass. With the BLM memo certain to be blamed on the Russians it will provide further motivation for the DHS to take over the election by declaring it to be critical infrastructure so that no matter what voters may express in November, the machines will correct any errors in judgement.

If she loses Black Lives Matter then Hillary’s meltdown will be reminiscent to that of the wicked witch at the end of the Wizard of Oz.