The Clinton campaign is going to the mattresses as a reaction to Donald Trump’s efforts at outreach to African-American voters. The Democrats have spent much time and effort in pandering to blacks with insincere promises and the mollycoddling of Black Lives Matter thugs and will fight to the death to protect their votes. But Trump’s decision to show that the media smear machine’s 24/7 propaganda that he is a racist is a crock of horseshit by directly appealing to people of color is having an effect and Team Hillary knows it.

According to the Hill “Clinton camp slams Trump’s ‘insulting and cowardly’ black voter outreach”:

The Hillary Clinton campaign Thursday slammed Donald Trump’s “shameful and cowardly” attempt to reach out to black voters.

The campaign was responding to a report that Trump’s team is carefully scripting his upcoming interview with a black pastor. He will make his first visit to a black church Saturday but will not address the congregation.

“Donald Trump’s latest gimmick to act as if he cares about the black community is downright shameful, insulting and cowardly,” Marlon Marshall, Hillary for America’s Director of State campaigns and Political Engagement, wrote in a statement.

“After 14 months of neglecting us, Donald Trump is once again dodging substantive conversations and ducking questions about the issues that impact our community. Not surprisingly, Trump’s ignorance on issues like the economy, criminal justice reform, the meaning of quality health care or systemic racism, has forced him to resort to scripted conversations and staged engagements with our communities.”

Trump will further inflame the straw bosses of the Clinton plantation on Saturday when he will continue his efforts to convince blacks that they are only being used by the Dems when he visits Detroit. If he is able to convince even a small percentage it could spell big time trouble for Hillary and her minions. She is rapidly losing ground in even the cooked polls and there questions among the loyalists as to whether her strategy of running out the clock may be a mistake.

Compounding her troubles are the recently released FBI notes on the email investigation in which Hillary continually lied her ass off blamed her faulty memory for not recalling key details, something that underlines the mounting questions on both her health and her honesty. Hillary has also cut way back on campaign appearances lending credence to the rumors of her failing health, with two months and change before the election you would think that she would be out stumping on daily basis but she is after all getting old.

It’s not that Trump even has to get their votes, he just has to convince them that they are being exploited for political gain once again by the Democrats who will immediately forget about them once the votes have been tallied. Hillary’s old black magic could be on the wane at the worst possible time for her presidential hopes.