As it becomes more difficult for the establishment to sell America on the pig in a poke that is Hillary Clinton desperate measures are on the brink of being implemented. Now that the queen of mean is losing ground in even the cooked polls the meme that the election will be hacked are starting to appear more frequently. The objective seems to be that if you can’t beat him, cheat him and the Obama occupying government is prepared to mobilize the intelligence services and the Department of Homeland Security to stomp the big red, white and blue jackboot down on the will of the people.

Now that the DHS has already declared it’s intent to intervene in the election to ensure that Hillary gets what she is entitled to. the intelligence agencies are also intervening to investigate a vast “Russian” conspiracy that even they admit that there is no real proof of.

And to top things off, the federal effort is being led by DNI James Clapper who lied his ass off to Congress over the NSA’s mass surveillance programs.

According to the Guardian “US investigates if Russia may be trying to influence election – report”:

US intelligence officials are investigating the possibility that the Russian government is attempting to influence the US election, according to a new report.

Director of national intelligence James Clapper is leading an inquiry into whether and how Russian officials may be attempting to influence the election and “provide propaganda fodder to attack US democracy-building policies around the world”, the Washington Post reported on Monday,

Officials who spoke to the Post on condition of anonymity said there was no confirmation of any executed or planned attack, but according to one “even the hint of something impacting the security of our election system would be of significant concern”. He added: “It’s the key to our democracy, that people have confidence in the election system.”

Multiple officials told the Post that if proven, the Russian attempts at sabotage may not be intended to swing the election any particular way, but rather to generally promote chaos and mistrust that could make the US seem less table and trustworthy in international affairs, potentially diminishing its authorities. Washington and Moscow have been in talks over the ongoing conflict in Syria at the G20 summit in Hangzhou, China.

The investigation comes just months after over 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails were released by WikiLeaks in a hack that has been linked to Russian intelligence. Reports suggest that US officials suspected Vladimir Putin’s administration was involved in the hack, but a senior Obama administration official told the Guardian in July that they could not “unequivocally” attribute the attack to a “Russian state actor”.

Around the same time as the DNC hacks, the voter registration systems in Arizona and Illinois were also infiltrated by hackers, raising the concern that cyber sabotage could reap untold damage on the US election. Compromised machines, producing faulty vote tallies, would raise serious questions about the integrity of the political process.

“Election administrators are trained to run elections, not defend computer systems,” said Joe Hall, chief technologist for the Washington-based Center for Democracy and Technology. “The voting systems we use in many cases don’t keep the kind of evidence one would need to detect an attack, let alone recover from it, without disruption or loss of votes.”

Last week Senate minority leader Harry Reid sent a letter to the FBI asking director James Comey to investigate the possibility of election infiltration of out the Kremlin. “I have recently become concerned that the threat of the Russian government tampering in our presidential election is more extensive than widely known and may include the intent to falsify official election results,” Reid wrote.

One thing that smacks of really being Russian – as in the old USSR – is a party apparatchik like Clapper taking his marching orders from the sitting POTUS who incidentally belongs to the same party that looks like it just may lose the election due to the malodorous nature of it’s lying criminal of a candidate. So why not have the secret police gin up wild-assed accusations about a foreign bogeyman that is trying to bolster the opposing candidate? Then there is Democrat Senate Minority Leader and former Nevada Gaming Commissioner Harry Reid demanding that the feds launch an investigation against the presidential candidate of the party that is out of power – you can’t make crap like this up and it is so bizarre that it would be hard to get a Hollywood studio to approve a script for a movie with the same plot due to the suspension of disbelief that would be required of an audience.

So with two months to go until the election the Obama regime will be engaged in an unprecedented abuse of power as the intelligence agencies and their propaganda parrots in the media conduct a witch hunt that is a blatantly obvious attempt to rig the vote in Hillary’s favor while blaming it all on a sinister “Russian” fifth column. Obama has certainly put his stamp on America – we are now officially a banana republic.