Nothing sells in an election year like identity politics and the liberals are determined to close the deal on putting Hillary into the White House even if it causes a long-lasting rift in race relations. Having been able to banish any real issues from the election in an effort to cast it as a referendum on the now fully demonized Donald Trump, the grievance monger bandwagon continues to take on passengers. This week the newest example of how this country stands for the systemic oppression of blacks (that fails to take into account the skin color of the sitting POTUS) is the rally around the flag hating San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

There is a lot of totally outlandish horseshit out there in terms of trying to pound the square peg San Francisco 49er mutant into the round hole of history but none more so than the meme comparing Kaepernick to Jackie Robinson. Seriously, this is actually becoming a meme that the armies of forced diversity are peddling and when it comes to race-baiting agitprop there are few better practitioners than Shaun King of the New York Daily News.

King makes his case for the mangy Kaepernick as the modern equivalent of the American sports icon in his screed “If you hate Colin Kaepernick, you must also hate Jackie Robinson”:

Perhaps no sports hero in American history is more universally loved than Jackie Robinson. My son Ezekiel and I feel lucky that we have lived in both Los Angeles and Brooklyn. Even my son was born in Georgia like Jackie Robinson and moved to Brooklyn like he did. We collect Jackie Robinson memorabilia. My son chooses the number 42 for every sports team he plays on if they allow it. When we see the number 42 in public, we smile and believe it brings us good luck.

Jackie Robinson is the quintessential American hero not only because he broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, but because he was also one of the best to ever play the game. He was Rookie of the Year, MVP, and helped take the Dodgers to the World Series six different times. Before that, he was an All-American athlete at UCLA and was the school’s first athlete to earn a varsity letter in four different sports. He was so gifted that baseball was actually his worst sport in college. He won the 1940 National Championship in long jumping and crushed it basketball and football as well.

He then goes on with an extended warm-up on Robinson before he gets to the crux of his latest venomous attempt at promoting divisiveness by cherry-picking a quote from Robinson’s autobiography about his feelings towards the flag and national anthem – in an era of segregation.

Don’t tell me “that was a different time.” It wasn’t 1945, 1955, or even 1965 when Robinson revealed that he could not and would not salute the American flag, but 1972, after the Voting Rights Act and Civil Rights Act had already been passed. Robinson knew that in spite of the many gains America had been made, it too often failed to live up to many of its promises to black folk.

Today, we live in a time that desperately warrants bold actions. Police brutality and injustice are gripping our nation. A bigot is the Republican nominee for president. Unemployment, poverty, and failing schools are still a daily reality in inner cities all over America.

If Colin Kaepernick needs to “move back to Africa” or “leave this country,” as some of his harshest critics have argued, then you must also hate Jackie Robinson. I doubt even Donald Trump would admit that though.

It’s classic Shaun King, especially the crap about Trump calling for Kaepernick to “move back to Africa” which is once again something that the Republican nominee never said but why let the facts get in the way. Leftist sports commentator Dave Zirin made also made that claim this week.

The legendary baseball star must be rolling in his grave as his heroic role as the black man who paved the way for racial integration in sports – and spoiled jackasses like Kaepernick to make millions – as history is revised to exploit and taint his legacy. While wailing about the oppressive nature of America and the racism that he sees everywhere on a near daily basis from his newspaper column, King does a disservice to those who truly are victimized by real racism.

Also it’s not as if Hispanics or Asians or Caucasians are ever defended against racism in any of King’s columns so there is really no way to put lipstick on that pig – Mr. King is himself a bigot as well as a dishonest peddler of whatever advances his agenda of the war on whitey.