Hillary Clinton has seen better days. Despite having the entire national media in her hip pocket as well as the crooked establishment on her side she is rapidly losing ground in even the cooked polls. In a very bad sign for the Clinton crime family even the re-jiggered Reuters poll now shows that she has fallen behind Donald Trump. In fact, Mrs. Clinton has been on a downward trajectory ever since her insanely demagogic speech where she equated millions of Americans to racists and neo-Nazis and railed the nebulous construct the “Alt-Right” as some sort of grand global conspiracy cooked up by arch villain and purported Trump ally Vladimir Putin.

So what’s a poor gal to do? One thing would to go big and play the lesbian card in an effort to energize the forced diversity mob and establish herself as not only the nation’s first female president but also as the nation’s first gay president to boot. The tabloid National Enquirer – which should be viewed with extreme skepticism – suggests that explosive new information is about to break regarding Mrs. Clintons’ sexual orientation that would confirm suspicions of many that she is indeed attracted to other women.

According to the Enquirer’s tease for it’s coming scoop “Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian Twist For Election”:

After 40 years in a sham marriage, Hillary Clinton could be on the verge of confessing: “I am a lesbian!” It’s a shocking scenario that has often been secretly considered by her top campaign strategists. Now, as her longtime aide Huma Abedin is getting divorced, D.C. insiders are taking their boldest steps yet in speculating about Hillary’s chances as an openly gay presidential candidate!

Not that there is actually anything wrong with being gay of course, but the failure to come out of the closet would be consistent with the lack of transparency that is practically embedded in Hillary’s DNA.

Coming out at this time would completely dominate the media which could then portray Trump as a big bad bully if he is too rough on her during the debates. Again the Enquirer is hardly a reliable source but they do score big once in a blue moon as with the exposure of Dem hypocrite John Edwards as a serial philanderer.