In an indication of just how far that respect for American tradition has plummeted during the Obama years, grievance mongers are flocking to plunk down their hard-earned money to snap up Colin Kaepernick jerseys now that the San Francisco quarterback has become a symbolic figure. It’s a big turnabout from two short weeks ago when angry fans were burning the underachieving backup’s garb in protest over his political statement to not stand for the national anthem. Look for the red number 7 jerseys to become cherished wardrobe items for race-baiters, cop-haters and social justice scoundrels just like LA Raiders gear did with gang members and thugs back in the 1990’s.

CBS Sports is reporting “Colin Kaepernick jersey sales have skyrocketed since he began his protest”:

Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest the national anthem by either sitting on the bench or taking a knee, as he did during the 49ers’ final preseason game, has drawn heated debate on both sides of the issue.

It’s also made Kaepernick more popular than ever. His jersey sales at both the NFL and 49ers online shops are quite impressive.

It appears Kap currently possesses the No. 5 highest overall jersey on and technically the third-highest player, behind only Cowboys rookie Ezekiel Elliott and Giants wideout Odell Beckham.

There are also other types of Kaepernick jerseys not much further down — a custom 49ers jersey is 27th overall and a women’s scarlet Kaepernick jersey and a men’s white Kaepernick jersey are both ranked in the top 50.

At the 49ers site, he’s even more popular. Three of the top six jerseys sold are specifically related to Kaepernick, assuming you even count the Joe Montana throwback T-shirt in the group. It stands to reason the custom jersey is probably getting some Kaepernick action too.

In an endorsement that will have liberal moonbeams flocking to pro football this year, actress and leftist militant Susan Sarandon has announced that she is the proud owner of one:

With outgoing Emperor Barack Obama officially planting his pursed lips on the canonized Kaepernick’s ass this week, look for the jersey to continue to sell like hotcakes and it’s only a matter of time until Hillary and the slimy Democrats look to catch a ride on his coattails heading into the November election. How this is all going to sit with the NFL is yet to be seen considering that the league has spent decades building up it’s patriotic image which is now threatened by a mouthy racial grievance monger with an ax to grind with the police. If more players begin to jump onto the bandwagon the NFL could have the mother of all public relations nightmares on it’s hands.

The season officially opens tomorrow night with a Super Bowl rematch between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers.