Barack Obama’s loopy Secretary of Defense has joined the regime’s chorus of wingnuts and Chicken Littles warning that the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Ashton “Ash” Carter who has conducted the ongoing feminization of the military, joined the crowd in peddling the hoax that Putin is set to interfere in the election to prevent Queen Hillary from assuming her rightful throne. With Donald Trump now threatening to take the lead in polls two months prior to the election it continues to look as though a false flag is in the works that would reverse the election results.

CBS News is reporting that “Ash Carter: Russia sowing seeds of global instability”:

Carter accused Russia of being driven by “misguided ambition and misplaced fear.” He said Moscow understandably wants to be seen as an important world power, but is undercutting its case by undercutting the work of others.

“It lashes out, alleging that it fears for its own viability and future,” even though it should know that no country, including the U.S., is trying to constrain its potential.

He seemed to allude also to suspected Russian involvement in hacking Democratic National Committee computers in the United States and otherwise trying to influence the American presidential election.

“Let me be clear, the United States does not seek a cold, let alone a hot war with Russia. We don’t seek an enemy in Russia. But make no mistake – we will defend our allies, the principled international order, and the positive future it affords all of us. We will counter attempts to undermine our collective security. And we will not ignore attempts to interfere with our democratic processes.”

Crazy Carter is the latest in a list of high Obama regime officials and flunkies who are sowing the seeds of a federal nullification of the election if Trump wins. Homeland Security Gestapo boss Jeh Johnson and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper have made similar claims in the past weeks.

The overturning of election results based on a “Russian” hack would be the equivalent of the Reichstag Fire and could be the final turn of the screw towards full blown fascism. This is especially so if once there is a constitutional crisis that Obama decides that he will stick around for a bit longer until a new election – where the results will suit the establishment – can be arranged.

Carter’s tenure at the DOD has seen the takeover of the military by political correctness activists and the rolling out of the red carpet for transvestites which has damaged morale in the armed forces as well as sacrificed fighting capability for diversity. But he is just another clown in Obama’s circus as his jumping in with the conspiracy mongers shows.