Howlin’ Hillary Clinton continues to unravel at an increasingly frightening pace. That big post-convention bounce has all but evaporated in even the rigged polls and with less than two months to go until the election, Donald Trump is surging. Mrs. Clinton has permanently abandoned any discussion of issues relevant to the lives of working Americans and gone all-in on demagoguery, spewing insults, race-baiting and conspiracy mongering. On Friday she went so far as to smear tens on millions of people as racists, neo-Nazis, Islamophobes and xenophobic knuckle-draggers. She called them a “basket of deplorables”, hardly language that is fit for a leader. However, the unconscionable attack provided further proof of the mentally unstable nature of a corrupt, warmongering sociopath.

How should a “deplorable” respond?

Well Hillary,

First things first. You never should have ended up as the Democrat nominee in the first place. Not only were you soundly rejected by the voters in your own party back in 2008 when you lost the nomination to then Senator Barack Obama but you are manifestly unfit for the job.

You also cheated your way to being crowned in Philly by having your flunky Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the DNC and a number of her staffer deliberately undermine your opponent. This cannot be denied in consideration of those hacked emails that were made available to the public. Yeah, I know that the Dems are blaming it all on the Russians but you can’t obscure the content of those emails in a cloud of Cold War era smoke. Granted that Bernie was a jabbering old socialist fool but that was up to the voters to decide, not your campaign operatives at the DNC.

Oh I get the sense of entitlement that you are a woman but just having a vagina is hardly a qualification for POTUS. While a female president would be fine – and America is probably due – it is clear that you shouldn’t by the one. Unfortunately, your own vagina isn’t attached to a body that contains an ounce of integrity, compassion and most importantly honesty.

So here’s hoping that you smack into that glass ceiling face-first like a fly hitting a windshield.

Then Hillary there is all of your cynical and disingenuous pandering to African American voters in order to keep blacks locked inside the gates of the Democratic party planation. You have done well to foment a climate of racial hostility in this once great country for the sake of your own political agenda and when it all erupts, you will have blood on your hands.

Not that blood on your hands bothers you considering your tenure as the U.S. Secretary of State. Not only were you derelict of duty in protecting the Benghazi embassy compound resulting in the deaths of four Americans including an ambassador but it was your Libyan regime change misadventure that served to destabilize the region. It’s not a reach to say that you are the mother of ISIS.

Hey, the scalp of Muammar Gaddafi made for a nice trophy as well as a chance to show that you could be as big a killer as any of the boys but it was more than a bit disturbing to watch you gloat over the death of a man who was beaten and sodomized with a bayonet.

You’re a real twisted sister lady.

While there are indeed some real scumbags who happen to support Trump – your operative David Duke for one – the vast majority are regular, hard-working Americans who are damned sick of business as usual and are in the process of doing what the system was set up for – voting the crooks and criminals the hell out of office. It was thanks to globalist sell-outs like NAFTA that was passed by your sexual degenerate husband that have allowed for the economic strip-mining of this country and the offshoring of millions of high-paying jobs.

Your buddies on Wall Street and in corporate boardrooms know that you are going to provide a return on their investment too when you help to jam the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) up the asses of Americans despite your bullshit to the contrary. To lump millions of Americans in with neo-Nazis and vicious swine is insulting and beneath the dignity of the presidency – not that the terms “Clinton” and “presidential dignity” belong in the same sentence. Especially not after your pervert of a spouse used that chubby little intern as a humidor the last time that the peckerwood mafia occupied the White House.

Then there is your beyond the pale foray into Cold War paranoia by engaging in neo-McCarthyist smears against your critics and promoting conspiracy theories about a Russian fifth column. It’s clear that you are unwilling to engage in an honest debate on real issues with Mr. Trump because you would exit the debate stage wearing your ass as a hat. So you just have your media cronies and army of useful idiot surrogates paint him as an agent of the Kremlin. Unfortunately, that rancid and maggoty sack of garbage is selling pretty well to the low information types but you are a liar and the truth will win in the end. Mark Twain once famously remarked “a lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes” and here’s hoping that the voters can put on those shoes just in time to give you a swift kick in the ass before the election.

Finally there are those damned emails and despite the corrupt Obama Justice Department’s refusal to bring criminal charges against your traitorous ass, Wikileaks will make certain that the public sees the evidence that you belong in prison and not in the White House.

Madame, in addition to being a special interest slut you are a world class reprobate, a blood-soaked war criminal, a conniving liar, a four-flushing cheat, a bigoted bitch, a foaming at the mouth fascist as well as a psychopath who has no business holding the nuclear launch codes.

And those are your good points. You are a pudgy, pasty white demon who if elected will one day have your name next to those of Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot in the history books. By the way, Chairman Mao wants his jackets back.

It would be easy to suggest that you sold your soul to the devil but it’s hard to believe that you even had a soul in the first place.

So in a nutshell….Fuck you Hillary!


A Deplorable