The New York Times is second to only the Washington Post when it comes to the propaganda war on Donald Trump and both currently serve as unofficial arms of the Clinton campaign. It’s one thing to crank out hit pieces against the Republican nominee but another when the fire is directed at loyal, hard working Americans. The target lost has expanded this week with Hillary’s smearing millions as a “basket of deplorables” and her surrogates are shifting their fire towards the voters.

One such establishment lickspittle is columnist David Brooks. A dyed-in-the-wool elitist snob, Brooks has a history of contempt for regular Americans. He once mocked tea partiers as “Walmart hippies” and has now concluded that Trump supporters are just stupid. A typical attitude for a country clubber millionaire bullshit salesman who does his job well as a defender of the status quo.

From his plea for a reset on reality entitled “Time for a Realignment”:

Future candidates will not be nostalgic for some white America of ancient memory or the union-heavy labor markets of the 1950s. They’re not going to be fired up by the “paradise lost” hot buttons that excite the old guys who watch Fox News.

Politics is catching up to social reality. The crucial social divide today is between those who feel the core trends of the global, information-age economy as tailwinds at their backs and those who feel them as headwinds in their face.


That is to say, the most important social divide today is between a well-educated America that is marked by economic openness, traditional family structures, high social capital and high trust in institutions, and a less-educated America that is marked by economic insecurity, anarchic family structures, fraying community bonds and a pervasive sense of betrayal and distrust.


We don’t normally think that politics is divided along trust lines. But this year we’re seeing huge chasms depending upon how much trust you feel toward your neighbors and your national institutions. Disaffected low-trust millennials see things differently than the Hollywood, tech, media and academic professionals who actually run the party.

This sort of divide is being replicated all around the world. The distinctly American feature is race. If the Republicans can drop the racial wedges — which admittedly may be a big ask — and become more the party designed to succor those who are disaffected from the globalizing information age, then it might win over some minority voters, and the existing party alignments will unravel in short order.

Polls suggest Democrats will win among college-educated voters and Republicans among whites without college degrees. The social, mental and emotional gap between those two groups is getting wider and wider. That’s the future of American politics. Republicans are town. Democrats are gown. Could get ugly.

By calling for a political realignment so that the Democrats will be the party of the educated and culturally refined, the author is only proving himself to be out of touch with reality. The armies of cop-hating street thugs and angry rabble demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage for their fast food jobs that could be performing by trained monkeys are hardly representative of the educated. But they are easily manipulated and that is what counts to the Democrats and their propaganda parrots like Mr. Brooks.

What Brooks is doing in a really sneaky, dog whistle way is serving as an advocate for eugenics which if Hillary ends up stealing winning the election may be on the cusp of making a comeback in America.