By now it’s probably a pretty safe assumption that New York Times columnist Charles Blow just may hate white people. Oh, a lot of blacks are very good at hiding it but as the percolating climate of racial enmity sweeps across America while the Democrats and their media allies fan the flames, the masks begin to slip with increasing frequency. Dems, Liberals and racial oppression pimps would have people believe that racism only exists if it’s being directed by whites at blacks but this is a huge fallacy because there is a vast amount hostility when the sides of the equation are flipped.

So with Hillary now tanking in the rigged polls her media operatives are working to spin reality and get the topic back to Trump’s a bigot and Charles Blow is leading the charge and exploiting disabled veterans in order to make his case against the Republican party nominee. If Blow indeed hates white people, there is one white man who he has a particular loathing for and it’s the Donald.

In his latest angry jeremiad in the New York Times entitled “Trump’s ‘Deplorable’ Deflections”, the racially obsessed columnist writes:

In August 2015, The New York Daily News published an exclusive report on a 1991 letter that Donald Trump wrote to the chairman of the State Assembly’s Committee on Cities, complaining about disabled veterans vending their wares on Fifth Avenue, home of Trump Tower in Manhattan.

A New York State law dating from 1894 “allowed disabled veterans to work as sidewalk peddlers in New York City regardless of municipal rules,” as The New York Times wrote in 1991.

But Trump was not empathetic to these wounded warriors’ plight, at least not on Fifth Avenue. He saw them and their vending as an eyesore.

The Daily Beast published its own report on Trump’s efforts to get the veterans booted from this tony part of Manhattan, quoting Trump’s letter as reading:

“While disabled veterans should be given every opportunity to earn a living, is it fair to do so to the detriment of the city as a whole or its taxpaying citizens and businesses?”

He continued, according to The Daily Beast, “Do we allow Fifth Avenue, one of the world’s finest and most luxurious shopping districts, to be turned into an outdoor flea market, clogging and seriously downgrading the area?”

The Daily Beast said that Trump renewed his calls in a 2004 letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, writing, “Whether they are veterans or not, they [the vendors] should not be allowed to sell on this most important and prestigious shopping street.”

And in that letter, what did Trump call the situation with the injured veterans simply trying to make a living vending on his Fifth Avenue?

That’s right: “very deplorable.”

This should come as no surprise from a man who belittled the heroism of Senator John McCain, himself a wounded warrior, or who attacked a Gold Star family whose son was killed in Iraq.

Blow then goes on to regurgitate a laundry list of faux scandals and media created controversies none of which had a lasting effect on Trump the first time that they were used. He also tries to recapture that magical Khan lightning in a bottle again because that was the moment when the coordinated media swarm thought that the candidate was on the ropes and ready for the haymaker. Alas, that one didn’t work either and the shady Muslim immigration lawyer has rejoined Judge Gonzalo Curiel in obscurity while the Clinton campaign has charted it’s course to the crapper.

The interesting thing that Blow divulges and what probably 99 percent of readers don’t know is that the Daily Beast – which he cites as an authoritative source – is a Democrat propaganda shop. That’s right, the Daily Beast is owned by internet media giant IAC/InterActiveCorp (IAC). Guess who just happens to be one of IAC’s directors? Well, none other than Chelsea Clinton – the media and the Clintons are as snug as bugs in a rug, thick as thieves or in layman’s terms, in cahoots and that is especially the case with Mr. Blow’s employer too. The degree of coordination with which websites like the Daily Beast operate with the establishment media titans is largely hidden although contributes greatly to the rising public distrust of the media in this country.

Blow is barking up the wrong tree by going back to the well to recycle the great McCain “war hero” controversy which last July was the preemptive nuclear strike that would slay the insurgent billionaire before the first GOP debate. But the tacticians who war gamed the strike did not at the time realize that they were in effect dealing with Godzilla who not only was immune to nukes but able to absorb all the negative force and then spew it back on the attackers, frying them to a crisp with his atomic breath.

But the angriest black man at the New York Times will continue serving up his dishonest drivel and agitprop in the fleeting hopes that just enough people can be bamboozled to put the Clintons back into the White House. However, inquiring minds have every reason to ask one question: Does Charles Blow hate all white people or only Donald Trump? Too bad what we don’t have a functional media because someone on one of the gabfests that he appears on should pose that question to him someday.