On Thursday Queen Hillary raised herself up off of her sickbed and waddled back out onto the campaign trail. While reports of her demise were exaggerated, she still finds herself rapidly losing ground in the polls to hated nemesis Donald Trump. So what’s a poor old gal to do but return to her bread and butter trickery of pandering to identify groups and this week it’s the turn for Hispanics to be the focus of her cynical manipulation.

According to The Hill “Clinton: A taco truck on every corner sounds delicious”:

Hillary Clinton quipped that she would love to see a taco truck on every corner at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Thursday night.

The founder of the group Latinos for Trump, Marco Gutierrez, said in a recent interview that his culture is “very dominant” and that if immigration isn’t stemmed “you’re going to have taco trucks on every corner.”

Clinton on Thursday thanked the Hispanic community for their efforts to get out the vote, and threw in a joke about Gutierrez’s remark.

“You’ve stayed focused no matter what kind of outlandish and offensive comments we’ve heard from my opponent and his supporters,” she told the crowd. “By the way, I personally think a taco truck on every corner sounds absolutely delicious.”

Hillary will continue serving up a generous helping of bullshit burritos in Detroit on Friday where will participate in a Latino voter registration drive.

According to the Detroit Free Press “Hillary Clinton campaign woos voters at southwest Detroit taco trucks”:

Trying to get the Latino vote, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is conducting a voter registration drive Friday at eight taco trucks in southwest Detroit. The move comes two weeks after a Trump supporter warned on MSNBC there will be “taco trucks on every corner” unless Latino immigration is dealt with.

The registration will be at trucks on Vernor, Dix, Springwells and Olivet, according to a Clinton campaign official. The efforts are part of several by the Clinton campaign in recent weeks to get out the vote in various communities, including Arab Americans in Dearborn, African Americans in Detroit, and other communities across the state. Southwest Detroit has a sizable Latino population, including many Mexican Americans.

“Our organizing events are part of a statewide effort to make sure that Michigan residents are registered to vote ahead of the Oct. 11 deadline,”  Mitchell Rivard, Michigan Communications Director for Hillary for America, said Wednesday. “Our coordinated campaign to elect Democrats up and down the ballot has hired a team of committed organizers that are focused on recruiting volunteers, registering voters, and turning out the vote on Nov. 8.”

That’s not all either, if elected she and partner Paul Ryan will quickly act to push amnesty through and the get about the work of relocating Syrian refugees to a town near you. Hey, that would be the least she can do considering that it was her regime change misadventure in Libya that triggered the refugee crisis in the first place.

With her credibility shredded and her disastrous foray into attacking the “alt-right” and smearing millions of Americans as “deplorables” having cost her dearly in the polls, it looks like Clinton the chameleon will finish out the campaign with a kinder, gentler approach rather than the shrieking banshee that prowled events and swanky fundraisers between the Dem convention and her nearly passing out at Ground Zero. Just one more example of how desperate and dishonest that the piranha in a pantsuit is.

She can wrap it all up in a tortilla with a side of guacamole but there is no concealing the fact that she is a greedy, lying war criminal who would sell her own grandchild’s soul to Satan if that’s what it took for her to get elected POTUS.