As the establishment faces the unthinkable prospect that Donald Trump will actually win the White House, the rush for Emperor Barack Obama to finish the screwing of America is picking up. Mr. Obama’s legacy is awaiting his crown jewel – the passage of the globalist deal with the devil known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – to punch his post presidential ticket ala the Clintons. It’s a virtual certainty that the TPP will be crammed down the throats of Americans in the upcoming lame duck session and Mr. Obama is counting on a cadre of anti-Trump Republicans to help him embed a butcher knife into the backs of an already besieged working class. One of them is former presidential candidate and virulent Trump hater John Kasich.

The Hill Reports “Obama enlists Kasich to sell TPP”:

President Obama has enlisted Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), a prominent political rival, to help him make a final push for his stalled Asia-Pacific trade agreement.

Kasich, a former Republican presidential candidate, will attend a bipartisan meeting on Friday at the White House meant to tout the benefits of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 12-nation agreement that is one of Obama’s top remaining priorities.

The Ohio governor will also appear alongside White House press secretary Josh Earnest at his daily briefing.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I), former Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush Hank Paulson, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) and former NATO commander Adm. James Stavridis are among the officials attending, the White House said.

The meeting is the latest effort by Obama to generate support for the pact, which would be the largest free trade deal in history and is a centerpiece of his administration’s so-called “pivot” to Asia.

But the chances that Congress ratifies the agreement before Obama leaves office are slim.

Both major-party presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, oppose the deal. A majority of Democratic lawmakers are against the deal, and they’re joined by many Republicans.

But the invite list is an effort by the White House to show that support for the agreement also crosses party lines. Kasich was a vocal opponent of Trump and backed TPP during his campaign.

It’s now pretty obvious that the reason that Kasich hung in the race for the GOP nomination for so long despite not having any chance at winning is that he is an unrepentant globalist. He is an agent of Wall Street and the Chamber of Commerce, neither of which have any interest in serving the interests of ordinary Americans and both have been complicit in the destruction of the American economy just like Barry is.

The TPP is a monstrosity of a sellout that is so odious in nature that opposition has bridged traditional ideological divides – both the Teamsters and the ultra-conservative John Birch Society have come out against it as have others including Donald Trump and the banished Bernie Sanders.

Kasich’s throwing in with the enemy could spell more trouble for the wounded Hillary in Ohio as recent polls are showing that Trump has pulled into the lead in the Buckeye State which has been decimated by job losses due to NAFTA and the subsequent corporate offshoring of millions of high paying positions to third world shitholes with an abundance of cheap labor.