From the department of recycled crap, the Washington Post is once again claiming that the hated Donald Trump is calling for violence against establishment favorite Hillary Clinton. Trump’s remarks supporting the Second Amendment were seized upon by a media scorned and are being served up to those low-information voters who still believe the garbage that the presstitutes dispense to them on a daily basis.

According to the nexus of anti-Trump sentiment “Donald Trump just made his most direct comment yet about violence against Hillary Clinton”:

The New York Times says Donald Trump on Friday night “once again raised the specter of violence against Hillary Clinton.” The Guardian, meanwhile, titled its tweet “Trump hints at Clinton’s assassination again.”

If you just glanced at those recaps and noted the word “again,” you might think Trump had brought up his controversial “Second Amendment people” comment — the one about how Republicans could prevent a President Clinton from appointing liberal judges.

But Trump was actually repeating a formulation that he has used many times before, about how Clinton should have her guards disarm if she believes so strongly that guns aren’t the answer to stopping violence.

And it’s not even an argument that’s unique to him. It’s an extension of a favored argument used by the National Rifle Association — “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun” — and it’s one the gun rights crowd has used with gusto against Democrats who support gun control, including President Obama. There was even a White House petition a few years back calling on the White House to disarm security guards for Obama, Vice President Biden and their families, given the White House’s stance on guns.

So Trump was on well-trodden ground here. The difference Friday night, though, is that he took a comment that was worn and not all that interesting and spun it forward with just a few extra words, giving it new life by painting a more violent picture.

It’s not at all what Trump said but hey, what is the truth to a sewer of disinformation and neocon agitprop like the Post?

Spin is definitely the case with the two most prominent newspapers in the mainstream media basically jacking each other off by riffing on each other’s stories. Along with the New York Times (a de facto arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign) and throw in The Guardian, the chosen fish wrap of the Beltway elite is part of an echo chamber normally associated with state controlled media in totalitarian countries. Herr Goebbels would be proud.

The WAPO (War And Propaganda Orifice) has been wailing in pain over Trump’s candidacy for fifteen months now, if it were a horse it would have long ago been euthanized. Perhaps plunging credibility ratings and diminished revenue will soon do the trick of stifling Pravda on the Potomac.