With the Clinton family reoccupation of the White House mired in a quagmire of mud, Emperor Barack Obama is manning the wheel of the tow truck. The narcissist in chief has entered the political fray to pass the torch to Hillary so she can finish the job of burning America to the ground. In his quest for scorched earth, Obama has called for black voters to keep their asses on the big Democrat plantation and now turned his attention to hyping Mrs. Clinton’s primary job qualification – her vagina.

Reuters reports that “Obama tells Clinton fundraiser U.S. still grapples with powerful women”:

U.S. society is uncomfortable with powerful women and that is why the United States has not yet elected a woman president, President Barack Obama said on Sunday.

Obama, who is eager to see fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton succeed him in office, told a fundraiser for her in New York that the election between his former secretary of state and Republican businessman Donald Trump should not be close.

However, political polarization in the country would make it tight, he said.

The first African-American U.S. president then told the group of donors why he thought a woman had never held the office.

“There’s a reason why we haven’t had a woman president,” he said. “We as a society still grapple with what it means to see powerful women. And it still troubles us in a lot of ways, unfairly. And that expresses itself in all sorts of ways.”


“This should not be a close election, but it will be,” Obama said. “And the reason it will be is not because of Hillary’s flaws, but rather because, structurally, we’ve become a very polarized society,” he said.

El Presidente has a point about polarization and divisiveness but it’s he and his fellow Democrats who are doing the dividing. The appeal to various segments of the population based on the cunning explanation of identity group grievances has been the party’s hallmark since the Clinton machine cooked it up in order to dodge having to address the real issues.

With Hillary it always comes down to the main argument that she is somehow entitled to the presidency because she is a woman. Mr. Obama is once again full of crap, it’s not that Americans are misogynists at heart, it’s just that there is a reluctance to have that particular woman given a free pass for her influence peddling, warmongering and corruption.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for the continuation of the political elite to get away with things that anyone else would go to jail over and it is the moral obligation of Americans to finally say that enough is enough.

It’s probably a pretty safe bet that Michelle put him up to this as it’s long been clear as to who really wears the pants ay 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW.