As his disciples look to burn Charlotte to the ground, the nation’s preeminent news magazine has published a tribute to the messiah of the mangy, Colin Kaepernick. The multi-millionaire San Francisco 49er backup has done amazingly well for himself by going from a guy in danger of being cut from the to becoming the face of Barack Obama’s new American order. None of it however would have been possible without a big assist from the kingmakers in the liberal media.

As reported by ESPN “Colin Kaepernick set to appear on the cover of Time magazine”:

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest of racial inequality and oppression in the United States has landed him on the cover of the upcoming issue of Time magazine.

The magazine tweeted the cover Thursday morning showing Kaepernick kneeling as he’s done during the national anthem of the past two regular-season games and the final preseason contest in San Diego. The headline on the cover – “The Perilous Fight” – is followed by: “National anthem protests led by Colin Kaepernick are fueling a debate about privilege, pride and patriotism.”

The Oct. 3 issue is expected to include a number of stories about Kaepernick and other players around the NFL who have joined in the protest.

Earlier this week, Kaepernick revealed that he has received death threats via multiple avenues since he began his protest. He also said his $1 million donation to organizations helping communities in need will be spread out in $100,000 increments over the course of 10 weeks.

Kaepernick, who has been on the receiving end of plenty of insults and boos since his protest began, said his critics don’t care about what’s going on or they don’t understand it.

“There’s a lot of racism disguised as patriotism in this country, and people don’t like to address that and they don’t like to address what the root of this protest is — and the root of players across the country, not only in the NFL, but you have soccer, you have NBA players talking about it, high school players talking about it, college players,” Kaepernick said. “They don’t like to address the issue that is people of color being oppressed and treated unjustly. I don’t know why that is and what they’re scared of, but it’s something that needs to be addressed.”

The introductory hagiographic tribute to a privileged ingrate was written by a liberal academic snob, John McWhorter who is an associate professor of English and comparative literature at Columbia University according to the blurb but a good chunk of the issue will be devoted to Kaepernick and his ilk.

The heroic treatment flies in the face of a new poll showing that the militant mulatto benchwarmer is the most disliked player in the NFL. He is followed by Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and reformed rapist Jameis Winston, Miami Dolphins cheap shot artist Ndamukong Suh and in a surprise that won’t sit well with the grievance mongers to whom everything is racist: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The national media’s celebration of all things Kaepernick would seem to be a deliberate effort to maximize racial tensions for the sake of stealing winning an election if one is prone to such thinking. However, daring to say so would immediately earn the dreaded “conspiracy theorist” pejorative that would immediately stifle such blasphemy against the government. Few however know about Operation Mockingbird where the US intelligence agencies led by the CIA covertly propagandized Americans through the media – including Time Magazine – during the Cold War era.

The entire media is now in the midst of what smacks of exactly the type of disinformation and destabilization campaign normally conducted against hostile governments abroad and it becomes more apparent to those who are able to recognize such efforts with each passing day and each story planted with the intent to sow the maximum amount of chaos prior to the election.