As racially fueled anarchy rages across Obamastan, a mob of angry blacktivists are planning to have a go at pulling down an iconic statue of Andrew Jackson on Saturday. The historic landmark in downtown New Orleans which is just a stone’s throw from the French Quarter has been targeted by militant group Take ‘Em Down Nola which will be congregating in Jackson Square for a protest and they’ll be bringing their ropes  along with them. The ever morphing social justice movement seeks to escalate petty property damage into a full-scale national assault on any edifice that they deem to be racist in nature or otherwise offends their delicate sensitivities.

According to New Orleans ABC affiliate NGNO “Take ‘Em Down Nola leaders say they’re removing Andrew Jackson statue Saturday”:

A leader of the Take ‘Em Down Nola coalition fighting to remove Confederate monuments in New Orleans took to the steps of City Hall today and said the group plans to remove the Andrew Jackson statue in Jackson Square Saturday. They are asking for police to step aside.

This monument was not on the list of four that Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the City Council agreed to remove in December, but Malcolm Suber with Take ‘Em Down Nola says it is long overdue and that no action has been taken in the last nine months.

“The Andrew Jackson is the iconic image of the city of New Orleans,” Suber says. “There are more people that visit that statue than any other in this city, and so especially given that we was a slave owner and the architect of the Trail of Tears that murdered more than 5,000 native people, we think he is not deserving of any place of respect.”

The coalition plans to take down the statue that was declared a historic landmark in 1960 with manpower and ropes. They plan to gather at Congo Square at 1 p.m. Suber says he expects thousands of people to join.

The angry mobs with the intent to further inflame racial tensiosn are bad enough news for law enforcement in the Big Easy but an interesting wild card has entered the mix. Pathological attention whore and likely Clinton crime family operative David Duke has promised to show up with a counter protest that is par for the course for the late career resurgence of the former Klansman and Nazi sympathizer who has leeched onto Donald Trump like a parasite feeding off of a host. Mr. Duke has been the go-to guy for the media during this most savage of presidential campaigns and with his presence the presstitutes will be able to spin the whole thing as being Donald Trump’s fault if there is violence which is highly likely.

One also has to wonder how many of the “protesters” are being brought in from out of state as they were in Charlotte earlier this week. The cops should just dispose of any pretenses about the First Amendment rights of a pack of instigators, anarchists and criminals and turn the fire hoses on the scum in order to wash them back into the sewers where they belong.

The “protest” will begin at 1 pm.