Members of the angry army of militant commander Colin Kaepernick is reportedly planning to block football fans from today’s NFL game in Charlotte. The contest between the Carolina Panthers and the Minnesota Vikings has been targeted by anarchists looking to impose their will on innocent victims – in this case people who shelled out their hard-earned money to watch the game.

ESPN is reporting “Protesters plan to block entrances to Panthers’ stadium”:

Police are on high alert for the Carolina Panthers’ home game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday in Charlotte after learning that protesters are planning to block entrances to the stadium, according to sources.

A source told ESPN’s Michael Eaves that police got word Saturday night that protesters will gather Sunday morning at Marshall Park, about a mile from Bank of America Stadium, and will march down to the stadium and try to block all of its entrances — even those for the players and officials.

However, players arriving at the stadium Sunday morning by bus were not having an issue, according to ESPN’s David Newton. Sunday’s game is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. ET.

The news comes after the game was declared an “extraordinary event” by Charlotte interim city manager Ron Kimble on Saturday night. According to the city’s news release, an extraordinary event is defined as a “large-scale event or an event of national or international significance which might attract a significant number of people to a certain geographic area of the city.”

The designation allows the city to “modify its permitting process for activities such as parades and specifies particular items that are prohibited from being brought into certain boundaries of the event.”

One of the favorite tactics of the racist agitators who are likely receiving material support from big Democrat donors like global gangster George Soros – outside of rioting and attacking cops – is blocking roadways. It’s hard to see how this earns the goon squads any sympathy in that most folks generally have an issue with having their ability to travel freely impeded. This is however a movement that can never be accused of rational or logical thinking as they scheme out their ill-advised strategies.

While it’s hopeful that league security and local law enforcement can prevent the anarchists from this latest effort to act out it’s now going to discourage it in the future – especially with the NFL now having become an acceptable vehicle for anti-American cop-haters to thumb their noses at decent society while raking in millions.

One day those who are inconvenienced will have finally say enough and just start beating the hell out of the BLM goons which will make them think twice before taking out their anger and frustration that the government doesn’t just give them everything on people who actually work for a living.