The time has finally arrived for Hillary Clinton to get up on the big stage and actually debate Donald Trump in what may be the most watched television event in history on Monday night. While it is abundantly clear that the debate will be tilted against the billionaire outsider with liberal moderators and a plethora of trap questions, the Clinton backers are already bitching about sexism. While Clinton and her surrogates have been especially fond of playing the race card and the recent foray into bandying about unproven conspiracy theories about the Russians trying to deny her that which she is entitled to, it’s always the vagina card that is most dear to Hillary.

According to The Hill “Clinton allies see double standard and sexism in debate”:

Hillary Clinton supporters see a double standard when it comes to Monday’s presidential debate, which for the first time will feature a woman debating a man.

Throughout the campaign, Clinton has faced questions and criticisms that would not be asked or made to a male candidate, her allies say.

The jabs have come even Clinton surrogates such as former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, who this week said he’d like to see Clinton “smile more” in the debate.

The comment left ClintonWorld shaking its collective head.

“She can’t win, even with her own,” one Clinton confidant grumbled.

“Is there a double standard? One hundred percent times 100 percent,” said Tracy Sefl, a Democratic consultant and Clinton surrogate. “And God forbid if she coughs.”

Rendell’s comments were just the latest frustration for Clinton and her campaign, which believes she is being measured and criticized unfairly ahead of the debate at Hofstra Univerity in New York.

They say their candidate will be criticized for smiling too much or too little, for cracking too many jokes or not enough. She’s criticized when she talks too much about policy, and she’s criticized if she relies on too many zingers.

The tone of Clinton’s voice is repeatedly analyzed, as is her wardrobe. Clinton allies note that graphics have been made about the former New York senator’s pantsuits, while stories have been written about her wearing a scrunchie.

Democrats are world class whiners on any given day but even more so when they have gone-all in with Clinton because they want to put a woman into the White House. While the Clintonistas weep and moan and the press continues to portray Trump as a big, bad misogynist it’s not going to work this time – they have badly overplayed their hand on this particular meme.

The question begs to be asked – but it won’t – is how will Hillary get special accommodations from global leaders and a free pass from the real hardasses because of that thing between her legs?