During the last election cycle, at a key juncture in the final debate a CNN moderator interjected herself into the process on the side of Barack Obama. Clocking in at around 300 pounds, CNN celebrity host Candy Crowley bulldozed her way into the debate to deliberately kneecap the hapless and doomed Mitt Romney. The insipid blathering sow pulled Barry’s chestnuts out of the fire just as Romney was closing in for the kill and the rest is history. Now, with the big event set to go down on Monday night at New York’s Hofstra University there are reports that NBC’s anchorman Lester Holt may be prepared to be the one to bury a shank in Trump during what will be one of the most watched television events in American history.

According to CNN Money “How Lester Holt is getting ready for Monday’s debate”:

Holt has been mum about his debate prep, giving no interviews, even to NBC’s own newscasts.

He has sought to tune out all of the chatter and speculation, according to people close to him. This includes Trump’s false claim that Holt is a Democrat and the Clinton campaign’s call for vigorous fact-checking during the debate.

But he has thought a lot about his responsibility to the viewing public.

With regards to fact-checking, “Lester is not going to be a potted plant,” one NBC staffer close to Holt said.

Another staffer seconded that sentiment.

This doesn’t mean Holt will interrupt every time he hears a lie. Officials at the Commission on Presidential Debates say the candidates should challenge each other.

But Holt will strive to avoid a repeat of NBC’s “Commander in Chief Forum” earlier this month, when Trump falsely said he opposed the invasion of Iraq and interviewer Matt Lauer let it slide.

Lack of preparation was cited by observers as one possible reason for the widely-criticized performance.

The debate is different. Holt has had several weeks to prepare. And he has been in full-time study mode for several days. His last day on the “NBC Nightly News” was Tuesday; Savannah Guthrie has been filling in for him since. Guthrie will also anchor on Monday night.

According to the commission rules, Holt alone is responsible for the questions he asks. The commission gives no editorial direction.

Breitbart News is reporting that it’s a foregone conclusion that Holt is going to be the designated Trump slayer in the first match-up with Hollerin’ Hillary around whom the media and moderators will form a protective phalanx. The media will also be set to pounce on any Trump criticism of Holt’s meddling because the newsman is black and this being America – EVERYTHING is racism now. It seems that all signs are pointing to Holt being the designated character assassin or he will face the wrath of liberals just like Matt Lauer did when he tried to get a straight answer out of Mrs. Clinton.

Trump is walking into a lion’s den, which has been the case with the Republican debates, most of which were thinly disguised efforts to destroy the billionaire outsider’s candidacy prior to the convention. He was able to survive the slings and arrows and trap questions in order to win the nomination but with the election just a little over six weeks away the establishment is going to go scorched earth rather than risk losing control over the system.