In the latest dispatch from the Department of Bullshit, Reuters is reporting that Russian leader Vladimir Putin is behind the hacking of cellphones belonging to Democrat political operatives possibly including elected officials. The story is based on the usual anonymous sources peddled by the same establishment ‘reporter’ and provides one more reason for Obama to issue the command for the Department of Homeland Security to assume control of the election.

According to Reuters “Exclusive: FBI probes hacks targeting phones of Democratic Party officials – sources”:

The FBI is investigating suspected attempts to hack mobile phones used by Democratic Party officials as recently as the past month, four people with direct knowledge of the attack and the investigation told Reuters.

The revelation underscores the widening scope of the U.S. criminal inquiry into cyber attacks on Democratic Party organizations, including the presidential campaign of its candidate, former U.S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

U.S. officials have said they believe those attacks were orchestrated by hackers backed by the Russian government, possibly to disrupt the Nov. 8 election in which Clinton faces Republican Party candidate Donald Trump. Russia has dismissed allegations it was involved in cyber attacks on the organizations.

The more recent attempted phone hacking also appears to have been conducted by Russian-backed hackers, two people with knowledge of the situation said.

Federal Bureau of Investigation representatives had no immediate comment, and a Clinton campaign spokesman said they were unaware of the suspected phone hacking.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) did not respond to a request for comment. An official of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) said that nobody at the organization had been contacted by investigators about possible phone hacking.

FBI agents had approached a small number of Democratic Party officials to discuss concerns their mobile phones may have been compromised by hackers, people involved said. It was not clear how many people were targeted by the hack or whether they included members of Congress, a possibility that could raise additional security concerns for U.S. officials.

If they were successful, hackers could have been able to acquire a wide range of data from targeted cell phones, including call data, text messages, emails, photos and contact lists, one person with knowledge of the situation said.

“In a sense, your phone is your office brain,” said Bruce Schneier, a cyber security expert with Resilient, an IBM company, which is not involved in the investigation. “It’s incredibly intimate.”

“Anything that’s on your phone, if your phone is hacked, the hacker can get it.”

It’s truly sad to see a credentialed cybersecurity guy like Bruce Schneier – who wrote the book Data and Goliath – become a stooge for the corrupt Obama occupying government. Then again, he’s a flaming Harvard liberal so what the hell can you expect? What also can be expected from Reuters and the rest of the flotsam and jetsam that comprise the mainstream media to whom government mouthpieces anonymous sources are like mother’s milk and the gateway to prosperous careers as presstitutes and stenographers.

The entire story reeks of the same garbage that the Democrats have been wailing about ever since the hacking of the DNC politburo by Guccifer 2.0 exposed the rot that permeates the entire party and Putin and the Russians make a very convenient bogeyman. That rot also extends to the FBI which under Barack Obama has become a politicized cadre of goons and hoodlums right out of the old USSR. After the bureau refused to bring charges against Hillary Clinton over her clearly criminal email server chicanery it surrendered whatever credibility that remained of a once mighty law enforcement agency now gone to seed.

It looks like now that the big debate is over and the media is in a frenzy to close the deal by declaring Hillary as the winner by a knockout, it’s time for the Obama regime to mobilize the federal forces to make damned sure that “Putin” doesn’t meddle with the vote to deny Hillary that which she is entitled to.