The launching of the new blaxploitation flick “The Birth of a Nation” will be used as an opportunity to register voters in theater lobbies. The film – which depicts the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner – is just the latest in a line of violent revenge dramas that only serve to contribute to the worsening climate of racial relations in Obamastan. In the hopes of capitalizing on viewer emotions, Fox Searchlight will be signing up voters for the uprising against Donald Trump that the Dems are hoping that their months of cultivating bitter fruit will result in at the ballot box.

According the Los Angeles Times “’Birth of a Nation’ stars Gabrielle Union and Nate Parker help voter registration drive in theaters”:

Fox Searchlight Pictures has announced it will team up with various theater chains and voter organizations to launch a voter registration drive tied to the release of its upcoming slave-revolt drama “The Birth of a Nation.”

The initiative will be launched at special advance screenings of the film on Tuesday in support of National Voter Registration Day and continue when the film opens on Oct. 7. Voter registration will be held in the lobbies of participating theaters, a number of which are in swing states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

In a press release announcing the drive, Fox Searchlight said, “The objective for the initiative is to encourage everyone to be a part of U.S. history by highlighting everyone’s right to vote, encouraging registration and underscoring that their voices and opinions matter.”

The film’s director and star, Nate Parker, along with several of the film’s cast members, including Gabrielle Union, have recorded a public service announcement about the importance of the right to vote, which will be shown prior to the Tuesday promotional screenings.

The movie is a remake of the infamous D.W. Griffith’s 1915 “The Birth of a Nation” that glorified the Ku Klux Klan and was praised by then president Woodrow Wilson. You know, the guy who blacktivists are trying to have his name stripped from the buildings at Princeton University because he was a “racist” and not because he presided over the creation of the Federal Reserve, lied the U.S. into World War I costing untold thousands of lives and presided over a fascist police state that crushed political dissent.

It’s the latest in an alarming spate of entertainment offerings that seem to be designed specifically to demonize white people by playing on emotion. Why the hell was there a need for a remake of “Roots”, not to mention the Quentin Tarantino offerings “DJango Unchained” and “The Hateful Eight”, both of which are saturated with the pejorative “nigger” as justification for the blood and gore exacted against the white villains.

It just seems that at a time when responsible people would be working to bridge racial divisions and unify against the corrupt globalist elite who are nearly finished hijacking America that the exact opposite is occurring. The Democrats are going to rue the day that they and their agents have stirred the racial pot for the cynical and sleazy sake of winning a freaking election because all of this anger and hatred isn’t going to suddenly dissipate once the votes have been counted.