Is it being alarmist to predict that the end of the Internet as we know it is just about a done deal? That is the argument being made by many as one of the biggest stories of the decade – Obama’s handover of the internet to globalist interests – is about to become a reality. While Barry is still stinging from that epic veto override of his attempt to protect the terrorist supporting House of Saud, one of his signature legacy accomplishments is about to go down while the media sleeps and the sheeple are obsessed with the breakup of Brangelina.

According to the Daily Caller “Obama Admin Wants To Surrender US Control Over Internet To Global Bureaucracy”:

The Obama administration is planning to relinquish American control over a central portion of Internet governance.

The implications of this move range from control by an international bureaucracy to totalitarian regimes locking up entire portions of the Internet, according to experts.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) is in the process of transitioning stewardship of the Internet’s domain name system (DNS) — the technical network that converts website address names into numbers — to a global entity. The DNS is essentially the “yellow pages” of web addresses. The transition is set to occur Oct. 1.

Conservative watchdog group Accuracy in Media (AIM) elaborates further in the article “Obama’s Reckless Plan Threatens U.S. Oversight of Internet”:

The Obama administration is poised to surrender control of certain Internet functions to non-profit ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, on October 1. According to Americans for Limited Government’s senior editor Robert Romano, opposition to this Internet giveaway has united Republicans such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and presidential candidate Donald Trump. But questions remain as to whether or not the Republicans will unite sufficiently to insist language is included in a continuing resolution that will forbid the transfer of control.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) actually stripped out this language from the continuing resolution, and a vote to end debate on the current language, which does not fix the ICANN issue, failed on September 27. This is the latest Obama administration scandal, one that threatens the integrity of the Internet. President Obama is seeking to cede oversight of Internet protocols to a multinational body, effectively ending unilateral American control over these functions.

Romano writes that this is the “Last chance to save the free and open Internet.”

The surrender of American control over the internet is a key factor in the relentless push for a one-world corporate controlled government, right along with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) with it’s secret court and sovereignty destroying provisions. The TPP is absolutely going to be passed in an Obama-Paul Ryan-Mitch McConnell collaboration in the lame duck session before the new POTUS takes office.

While the TPP is bad enough for the future of America – especially in terms of pure economics – it’s the transfer of the internet into the hands of unaccountable globalists that should send a cold chill up the spines of those who value free speech. The free exchange of information that is enabled by the internet has become the elite’s greatest enemy and now that a global awakening is occurring it is imperative that opposition to the so-called New World Order be put down like rabid dogs. While some are fighting the good fight – including Tricky Ted (probably for all the wrong reasons) – this thing is already a done deal barring some sort of miraculous awakening.

If Hillary Clinton is installed into the White House as the establishment plans, a savage, Soviet style crackdown on political opposition will commence nearly immediately. This is going to be made all the easier by Obama’s big betrayal that will circumvent whatever remains of the functional court system in America.

It would probably be pretty accurate to say that thanks to the media blackout of news on this most important issue that 99.5 percent of Americans don’t even know this is happening, what is even sadder is that it’s probably safe to say that 98 percent could care less.