On the verge of definitively proving that Florida voters are the biggest fools in America, dashing young Marco is back with a vengeance. In any normal state, a humiliating bitch-slapping the likes of what Senator Rubio suffered when he was schlonged by Donald Trump in the Florida primary would have ended a mere mortal’s political career. That would be even more the case if that politician admitted that he hated his job and often couldn’t be bothered to show up for work. Not in sunny Florida where Rubio is on the verge of a landslide win in his reelection bid, a race that he flip-flopped on even being in.

Hey, I actually happen to live in Tampa and the idea that this mealy-mouthed Miami Cubano is on the brink of sealing the deal on one of the greatest con jobs in American political history is pretty damned embarrassing. The nation’s premier authority on all things Cuban is looking to shank his own party’s presidential candidate in the ribs over the smear du jour that the billionaire outsider violated the Cuban embargo.

The Hill is reporting “Rubio ‘deeply concerned’ by Trump’s Cuba business”:

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) says GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s past business operations in Cuba trouble him.

Newsweek reported Thursday that a company controlled by Trump violated U.S. trade bans by doing business in Cuba in 1988, during Fidel Castro’s presidency.

“I hope the Trump campaign is going to come forward and answer some questions about this, because if what the article says is true — and I’m not saying it is, we don’t know with a hundred percent certainty — I’d be deeply concerned about it, I would,” Rubio said on ESPN/ABC’s “Capital Games” podcast Thursday, according to ABC News.

“This is something they’re going to have to give a response to. I mean, it was a violation of American law, if that’s how it happened.”

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign directly hammered Trump over Newsweek’s report.

“Trump’s business with Cuba appears to have broken the law, flouted U.S. foreign policy and is a complete contradiction to Trump’s own repeated, public statements that he had been offered opportunities to invest in Cuba but passed them up,” adviser Jake Sullivan said in a statement.

“This latest report shows once again that Trump will always put his own business ahead of the national interest — and has no trouble lying about it.”

The embargo imbroglio may be the media’s big shiny object as of today but hating on Cuba isn’t what it used to be – at least outside of  the Marcobot’s turf in South Florida. Now that Obama has normalized relations with Commie Island and corporations are salivating over a new market it’s only the pandering phonies like Rubio and his think tank fatass allies in imperial Washington who are hot to trot to swing away at this political pinata.

Besides, as is typical with the dishonest hacks in the mainstream media they are ignoring the scandalous dealings of longtime Clinton crime family crony Terry McAuliffe in Cuba while Mrs. Clinton was running the State Department.

Perhaps matinee idol Marco is just auditioning to be Hillary’s personal cabana boy if she slimes her way into office. Christ knows that he’s not headed back to the District of Criminals to represent the interests of the Floridians who are about to get punked again.