So it has come to Democrat Clinton allies in positions of power using their authority to wage campaigns of politically motivated intimidation against Hillary’s opponent. In a move that smacks of raw fascism, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has decided to aid Hillary by conducting a crusade through the media on one of Donald Trump’s charities. It is the second Big Apple based attack in as many days following the yellow journalism of the New York Times in going after Trump based on a 1995 tax document.

Reuters reports that “In new blow to campaign, Trump’s foundation ordered to halt fundraising”:

New York’s attorney general ordered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s charitable foundation to immediately stop fundraising in the state, warning that a failure to do so would be a “continuing fraud.”

For Trump, the cease-and-desist order was the latest in a series of blows that has sent his campaign reeling. The New York businessman and his aides spent much of the weekend pushing back against suggestions that he may not have paid U.S. federal income taxes for almost 20 years.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office said the Donald J. Trump Foundation was violating a state law requiring charitable organizations that solicit outside donations to register with the office’s Charities Bureau.

The order followed a series of reports in The Washington Post that suggested improprieties by the foundation, including using its funds to settle legal disputes involving Trump businesses.

“The failure immediately to discontinue solicitation and to file information and reports required under Article 7-A with the Charities Bureau shall be deemed to be a continuing fraud upon the people of the state of New York,” according to a letter dated on Friday that the office posted online on Monday.

Trump’s campaign has suggested that the probe launched by Schneiderman, a Democrat, was politically motivated.

The ambitious Schneiderman’s abuse of power for political means is par for the course for the hyenas in the Democratic Party. Emperor Obama has weaponized various and sundry alphabet soup agencies like the IRS to target political foes as well as obstruct justice to protect criminals in high places.

While Obama has inappropriately used federal forces for political means it is nothing compared to what a ball-busting bitch on wheels like Clinton will do if she is installed into power next month.

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