A massive hurricane is threatening to inflict catastrophic damage upon Florida’s heavily populated Atlantic coast on Friday AND next week too. According to forecasts Hurricane Matthew, which could be a Category Four monster by the time it hits appears to be capable of executing a barrel roll and whacking the Sunshine State twice. Such an event would be very rare but Thursday’s 5 am track by the National Hurricane Center has it looking as though that is going to be the case.


Business Insider reports “Florida could get pummeled twice by the same storm”:

Matthew, now making its way through the upper Caribbean toward Florida, could strike the state twice if certain models turn out to be accurate.

The storm, threatening severe impacts in three states and mandatory evacuations as far north as South Carolina, is expected to make landfall early on Friday and then turn out to sea Saturday and Sunday. After that point, the projections are looking more than three days in the future, when weather models tend to get pretty hazy, as a general rule.

This is good news for Queen Hillary as Donald Trump has been running strong in the critical swing state and if enough damage is done it will be hard to repair before voters go to the polls in a month. As was shown when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey in 2012 such weather events can be a huge wild card. It has been said by many that then New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s cuddly embrace of Barack Obama when touring the wreckage on the Jersey Shore cost Mitt Romney dearly.

You can write it in stone that Obama will make a beeline for Florida as soon as the storm is gone to exploit the opportunity in order to stump for Hillary.

Evacuation orders have been issued along Florida’s East Coast and Governor Rick Scott has declared a state of emergency, decent people should say a prayer for Floridians while the Demoncrats are plotting out the political calculus on how best to take advantage of Rahm Emanuel’s famous maxim of never letting a good crisis go to waste.