Shamelessly exploiting the destruction of Florida’s east coast by Hurricane Matthew, Hillary Clinton is calling for an extension of the state’s early voting deadline. The monster storm is hitting today and Team Clinton is clearly drooling over the prospect that Emperor Obama can visit next week to combine relief efforts with retail politics. If you think that is too sleazy for even Hillary then just consider that her campaign had lined up a category five shitstorm of negative ads that were to have run on the Weather Channel when viewership would be at it’s highest. The Clinton slime machine had the ads shelved but only after they were shamed into doing so.

The Hill reports “Clinton wants Florida early voting deadline extended”:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s campaign called on Florida to extend its voter registration in anticipation of the damaging effects of Hurricane Matthew.

In a press call with reporters Thursday, Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said he hopes Florida extends its voter registration deadline past Oct. 11.

The Category 4 storm could render parts of Florida “uninhabitable for weeks,” the National Weather Service warned Thursday, and Gov. Rick Scott has urged evacuation of areas in the hurricane’s path, warning, “This storm could kill you.”

President Obama declared a state of emergency in Florida ahead of the storm.

Mook also used the call to downplay criticism that Clinton’s campaign was capitalizing on the hurricane by buying ad space in Florida on the Weather Channel.

“We were in the process of buying television time nationwide on hundreds of different media outlets,” Mook said.

“Since the storm has clearly become very serious, we have asked the Weather Channel to roll back that buy until the storm has concluded.

“We do not think the voters of Florida need this election to get mixed up with their efforts to get information on this storm.”

Politico, citing a source tracking TV ad buys, reported earlier Thursday that the campaign planned to spend $63,000 on spots to run on the Weather Channel starting that day.

As of now Florida Governor Rick Scott has refused to extend the deadline and is currently busy with more important issues but her allies in the media will be relentless.