Three weeks before Halloween, the zombie Never Trumpers have risen from the grave and are looking to feast upon the Donald’s flesh. In a day of what looks like a choreographed media swarming, a number of Republicans have demanded that Donald Trump drop out of the presidential race over his use of the word “pussy” back in 2005. Never mind that doing such a thing would make the election irrelevant because Mike Lee, Ben Sasse and their ilk have been very clear that they would prefer Hillary in the White House.

Trump’s vanquished opponents are also piling on, not only not living up to their end of the bargain to support the nominee but actively trying to undermine him. But out of the din of wails for Trump’s head, one lone voice is telling it like it is and that is former candidate Ben Carson.

According to the Hill “Carson defends Trump: Tape release a ‘scheme’ to cover for Clinton”:

Ben Carson on Saturday defended Donald Trump, saying that his lewd comments are “unacceptable” but claimed that the revelation is part of Hillary Clinton smear campaign.

In a statement, Carson said he condemns the language Trump used in a video from 2005 that the Washington Post reported Friday, but questioned the timing of the news and added that Democrats may have more “material” to use against Trump.

“I feel fairly certain that the progressives have had knowledge of this conversation for a long time and dropped it at this point in time in an effort to obscure the release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton and her desire for open borders,” Carson said.

“I believe that they have more material that they will release periodically up until the election to keep a negative focus on Donald Trump.”

Carson added that it is important to recognize the “scheme” being used to legitimize Trump and said the race should instead focus on policy issues.

“We must demand not only that the issues be discussed but also that we make our decisions based on issues and not on personalities or decade old statements and behavior by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump,” the former neurosurgeon said.

“The political elites and their loyal media are desperate because they are seeing the large enthusiastic crowds for Donald Trump and the meager crowds for Hillary Clinton, and they know that there will be a huge enthusiasm gap on election day.”

Carson is spot on. It wasn’t a coincidence that the Trump “pussy” tape happened to drop on the very same day that Wilileaks released a trove of emails from Hillary’s oily campaign chair John Podesta. The Podesta emails include snippets of the top secret speeches in which Mrs. Clinton sold her own pussy to the highest bidders on Wall Street.

The famed neurosurgeon deserved far better than he got when he was chewed up by the media jackals. A good man not cut out for the bare knuckled brawls of national politics, he bowed out of the race with his dignity intact and his reputation unsullied. The same can hardly be said of the rest of the weasels whose sour grapes are being feasted upon by the media today.

In retrospect perhaps Trump should have brought the good doctor on board. Hindsight shows that maybe he would have been a more loyal running mate than Mike Pence who is starting to get disturbingly squishy.

Like Carson predicts, the Democrats and their media lackeys have more on Trump. The next month will see day after day of rolling smear campaigns, none of which will satisfy the hunger of the Never Trump zombie brigade.