Republican leaders are using the release of a ten-year-old guy talk tape to shank their own nominee in the back one month before the election. Friday’s Washington Post bunker buster of Donald Trump chatting with Billy Bush – now a Today Show host who is being forced to grovel to save his job – has given Republicans their chance to renounce the devil to save their own hides.

Both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are using the opportunity to distance themselves from the hated outsider as will many others. The entire Republican establishment might as well already be working for Hillary given their clearly intentional failure to defend Trump from months of attacks by her media surrogates.

The Hill reports “Ryan: Trump no longer attending joint event”:

House Speaker Paul Ryan rebuked Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump for his past sexually explicit comments and said the GOP nominee will no longer attend a joint appearance the two had planned Saturday in Wisconsin.

“I am sickened by what I heard today,” Ryan said in a statement released Friday night. “Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than this clip suggests. In the meantime, he is no longer attending tomorrow’s event in Wisconsin.”

Republicans had planned a day of unity in a key battleground state ahead of Sunday night’s pivotal debate.

Ryan, who has long had an uneasy relationship with Trump, was scheduled to make his first joint appearance with the nomine at the annual Wisconsin Fall Fest in Elkhorn.

The corporate Trojan Horse Ryan has always been a cunning little weasel just biding his time for the right moment to twist the knife into a Trump. Words like “sickened” coming from a man like Ryan are of the utmost in hypocrisy considering his complicity in the lame duck cramdown of the globalist TPP in the lame duck session.

The Hill also reports “McConnell to Trump: ‘Take full responsibility’ for lewd comments”:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) on Friday night disavowed lewd comments Donald Trump made about women in 2005, and advised the GOP presidential nominee to make a full-throated apology.

“As the father of three daughters, I strongly believe that Trump needs to apologize directly to women and girls everywhere, and take full responsibility for the utter lack of respect for women shown in his comments on that tape,” he said.

The Senate Republican leader added that the remarks are “repugnant, and unacceptable in any circumstance.”

Translation: the repugnant McConnell looks forward to helping Hillary with finally settling the immigration issue once and for all by granting amnesty to millions of illegals in early 2017.

Ted Cruz BFF Mike Lee whose convention putsch was foiled is demanding that Trump step down. Never mind that his doing so would allow Hillary to run uncontested.

What would an anti-Trump feeding frenzy be without dyspeptic soon to be six term SenatorJohn McCain joining the piling on. Such gratitude after Trump endorsed the old bastard in his primary.

Two primary opponents who were soundly beaten by Trump are also using this big opportunity to sabotage him at this late stage as Little Marco and Lyin’ Ted have already chimed in. There is word yet as to what time that Mitt Romney will be scheduling his announcement.

But none of this comes as any surprise. The establishment RATs have always preferred Hillary and probably cut deals with her months ago to preserve their cut of the take once she settled into the White House.

It’s all just more shit to throw at Trump and who knows, maybe it will finally work this time. One thing that is for sure though is that if Trump does lose the election a lot of that shit will remain stuck to the establishment types who may soon find out that it won’t be easily washed off.