The incendiary new movie “The Birth of a Nation” opened to dismal box office receipts and looks to be one of the year’s biggest bombs, a stink bomb at that. The film seeks to capitalize on the worsening state of race relations in America – thanks Democrats! – by pouring fuel on the fire with a bloody revenge saga based on the 1831 Nat Turner led slave revolt. Such angry agitprop may be damned good to rub raw the sores of discontent ala Saul Alinsky for the sake of winning an election but it’s box office poison, at least according to early reports on receipts.

According to The Wall Street Journal “‘Birth of a Nation’ Flops Badly, Opening in Sixth Place at Box Office”:

“The Birth of a Nation” flopped at the box office this weekend, cementing its place among the steepest falls from grace in recent Hollywood history.

The biopic about slave rebellion leader Nat Turner was thought to have the makings of a commercial and critical hit when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Ten months later, it opened to an estimated $7.1 million in sixth place with its awards prospects severely hampered, even though it played in more than 2,100 locations, an unusually wide rollout for a low-budget film.

Renewed scrutiny of rape allegations leveled against its director and star, Nate Parker, have completely overwhelmed the movie’s release and sparked public debates about whether seeing the movie was a tacit endorsement of its creator.

Mr. Parker was acquitted of the charges, made in 1999 while he was a student at Penn State University. His representatives didn’t respond to numerous requests for comment.

The box-office performance of “The Birth of a Nation” caps a monthslong problem for its studio, Fox Searchlight, the specialty label of Twentieth Century Fox. (21st Century Fox, which owns the studio, and News Corp, owner of The Wall Street Journal, share common ownership.)

Fox Searchlight paid $17.5 million to distribute the movie, a Sundance record. It was an eye-popping amount, but anyone who attended the “Birth” premiere could see why the bids came in so high.

The movie opened to multiple standing ovations in an auditorium packed with Mr. Parker’s supporters. Less than two weeks earlier, nominations for the Academy Awards had been announced and no nonwhite actor was given a nod, leading to the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.

The character issues of the director is a rather piss poor excuse for such an overhyped megaflop and the rejection of the pic by moviegoers may be an early signal that the race card has been overplayed. Perhaps Americans are weary of the torrent of race-baiting that has seeped through every crack of life as liberals and Dems have fomented racial discontent to get the black vote to turn out in droves for Hillary with no regard to the lasting implications of pitting Americans against each other based on their skin color.

Looks like this turkey is going to get an express ticket to the Redbox.