Now that the great pussy witch hunt has fizzled, anti-Trump forces are back to pushing the meme that the Russians are secretly working to steal the election from Hillary. The wingnuts at the Washington Post Editorial Board are out today with their latest virtuoso bullshit screed “Donald Trump:Putin’s Puppet” as they seek to frighten readers with visions of foreign bogeymen. But the real problem when it comes to foreign meddling doesn’t come from across the sea but rather than from down under our own porous southern border.

The latest Wikileaks revelations in the Podesta Emails show that Univision chairman and top Clinton donor Haim Saban may have been getting his marching orders from Mexico City in terms of promoting stories about Trump being a racist and singling out Latinos for persecution.

According to The Hill “Report: Univision chief urged Clinton camp to hit Trump, hacked emails show”:

The chairman of Univision pressured Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to attack Donald Trump more fiercely on immigration, according to a new report.

Haim Saban reached out to Clinton’s camp last year after Trump said some illegal immigrants from Mexico are “drug dealers” and “rapists” during his campaign launch, The Washington Post said Monday.

“Haim thinks we are under reacting to Trump/Hispanics,” Clinton campaign manager John Podesta allegedly wrote to top campaign aides after speaking with Saban, according to hacked emails recently posted by WikiLeaks. “[He] thinks we can get something by standing up for Latinos or attacking R’s for not condemning.”

Huma Abedin, the Clinton campaign’s vice chairwoman, said in a separate message Saban had also made similar overtures to her.

“If Haim is raising it, it means he’s hearing it from his Univision colleagues,” she said of Saban, who has given millions to the pro-Clinton super PAC Priorities USA.

“Haim is right – we should be jamming this all the time,” Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri said in another message, looping in her deputies. “Can we think about what else we can do? Issue a broader challenge?”

The Washington Post said Saban and his wife have donated $10 million to a pro-Clinton super PAC this year.

Saban on Monday said his support for Clinton does not conflict with his role leading the most watched Spanish-language television network

It makes sense that Mexico would want to intervene in the election. They are horrified that Trump would actually crack down on the flow of anchor baby dropping, social service draining, wage depressing, salted with actual criminals horde that has been invading America like an army of ravenous termites. That there is big money in flooding the country with illegals benefits both the Chamber of Commerce as well as Wall Street aka Hillary’s real constituents.

This is a serious issue and not a fabrication like the Russian hoax that has been peddled ever since Clinton’s political cronies at the DNC got hacked. The Obama regime has yet to provide one shred of real proof to back up their blaming of everything that adversely affects Hillary’s electoral hopes on the Russians and if they do, it would almost certainly be a forgery. These people have zero credibility at this point.

In addition to the influence of Univision in fomenting racial animosity against Trump, one must consider that there are foreign agents operating on American soil who should be recognized as such. For instance, Univision’s activist “reporter” Jorge Ramos who has spent months using his journalistic cover to serve as an anti-Trump attack dog. The Obama-Hillary smoke machine is unable to identify any member of that nefarious Russian fifth column that they are railing about and yet there are militant Hispanics operating openly and with total impunity to influence the election. Which foreign country has more incentive to meddle in the U.S. election? The answer to that one is easy and it isn’t headquartered in the Kremlin despite the daily assertions from the Democrats and their media toadies.

Just one more big example of the hypocrisy and rottenness of the Democrats and their allies, one that sadly is not pointed out by a media that has been complicit in the destruction of America.