Working in unison to beat back the now daily flow of damning Wikileaks releases detailing the inner workings of the Clinton crime syndicate, the entire media along with liberal crusaders are mobilizing to finish the cramdown of Hillary as POTUS. With the chosen narrative to close the deal now being that Donald Trump is an uncontrollable sex fiend, the Clinton slime machine has come full circle back to the vagina politics that have served as Hillary’s ace in the hole over the course of her political career.

Now a prominent feminist harpy is caterwauling for the release of tapes from Trumps’ reality show The Apprentice. Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred is leading the efforts to pry loose the tapes which are alleged to contain a slew of “inappropriate” remarks from Trump which the Democrats and their winged monkeys will then use as the nails for his electoral coffin by bombarding the public with a relentless barrage of propaganda over the final days before the election.

According to The Hill “Frenzy surrounds ‘Apprentice’ tapes”:

Pressure is building on famed television producer Mark Burnett and the production company behind “The Apprentice” to release tapes of the reality show hosted by Donald Trump.

Past contestants and crew members claim Trump made lewd statements on the long-running NBC show that are much worse than the remarks unearthed last week that have torpedoed his presidential campaign.

Gloria Allred, the civil rights attorney who made a name for herself by taking on high-profile sexual harassment cases, staged a press conference on Tuesday in front of MGM Television’s headquarters calling on Burnett to release the tapes.

Allred sought to deliver a letter by hand requested a meeting with Burnett and other studio executives to discuss the legal obstacles to releasing the footage. Security prevented the delegate for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from doing so, though she said she later sent the letter via FedEx.

“What I am concerned about is, if in fact that language was used in the workplace … that would constitute sexual harassment,” Allred said in an interview with The Hill.

As an alternative to releasing the footage to the public, she proposed having an independent panel of retired Los Angeles County judges look over Burnett’s contract to decide whether there is grounds to make any available footage public.

MGM did not respond to The Hill’s requests for comment for this story.

As of Wednesday afternoon, a petition circulated by MoveOn.Org and Ultra Violet, a women’s rights organization, had collected 113,000 signatures calling on MGM to “Release the Trump Tapes.”

That the Democratic party front group is involved shows that this is a Clinton crime family operation all the way as well as an admission that the months spent pandering to blacks and smearing Trump as a racist were a failure.

But what does Ms. Allred have to say about the real issues? You know, the ones that have been completely banished by a media that is pumping out the tabloid sleaze 24/7.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter to the woman who embodies the type that talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh famously refers to as feminazis. She could care less about millions of jobs lost to globalism, bankrupting wars and bankers whose gambling is backstopped by the taxpayers. She could give a tin shit about anarchy in the streets, Obama’s historic abuses of power, border control, the bloodsucking chiselers in NATO, instigating for WW III with Russia, ISIS, Middle Eastern stability, terrorism or dozens of other matters that actually matter in the lives of Americans.

No, for professional sleazebags like the glorified ambulance chaser Allred it’s all about self-promotion and collecting scalps – Trump’s would the most prized one of all.