The Congressional Black Caucus is doing what it does best – crying racism in order to get attention. With the Clinton campaign and it’s media allies having abandoned the Trump is a racist meme to focus on the Donald’s libido, the CBC has stepped in to carry the baton for the grievance mongers. Congressman G.K. Butterball Butterfield is taking Trump to task for of all things – condoning slavery.

After being stabbed in the back by Republican leaders including golden boy Paul Ryan Trump tweeted:

Which triggered the pudgy CBC leader to sing his tired old song of racial oppression.

According to The Hill “Head of Black Caucus rips Trump on ‘shackles’ remark”:

The head of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) hammered Donald Trump’s “shackles” comment on Tuesday, saying the comments were “reckless” and harken back to the age of slavery.

Rep. G.K. Butterfield (D-N.C.) accused the GOP nominee of adopting “dog-whistle” messaging tactics to appeal to the white working-class voters who largely constitute his base. It won’t help him, Butterfield warned, with moderate Republicans and black voters already alienated by Trump’s frequently incendiary campaign.

“The moment an African American hears the word ‘shackles’ it’s reminiscent of the era of slavery,” Butterfield said in a phone interview. “We’re at a point now where Donald Trump is out of control. We don’t know what’s next.”

Trump on Tuesday churned countless headlines when he took to Twitter to attack House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), who had staged a conference call with House Republicans the day before to announce he would no longer defend or campaign with the GOP nominee. The call came just days after The Washington Post aired an 11-year-old video in which Trump boasts lewdly about groping and kissing women without consent — a revelation that’s caused a number of Republican lawmakers to drop previous endorsements of their presidential candidate.

Trump, who’s had a rocky relationship with Ryan throughout the campaign, did not appreciate the Speaker’s maneuver.

“Despite winning the second debate in a landslide (every poll), it is hard to do well when Paul Ryan and others give zero support!” Trump tweeted. “Disloyal R’s are far more difficult than Crooked Hillary. They come at you from all sides. They don’t know how to win — I will teach them!”

The Manhattan real estate mogul then suggested Ryan’s new vow of distance will benefit Trump’s presidential bid.

“It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” he tweeted.

Butterfield praised Ryan’s move, saying the Speaker “is displaying leadership and character” that shows “the very best” side of the Republican Party. Although Ryan has not dropped his official endorsement of Trump, Butterfield said the distance he established this week is, essentially, a disavowal.

It’s important to see that even black Democrats are unifying behind Beltway rock star Paul Ryan because at the end of the day, the pigs all eat from the same trough.

It should be noted that Congressman Butterfield and the rest of his House of Representatives howlers are all up for reelection next month and nothing motivates their voters more than the conjuring of “racist” bogeymen. The CBC is a pack of travelers, con artists and charlatans who are given legitimacy despite their own moniker which itself reeks of racial exclusivity. The media however never bothers to point that out and God forbid if members of Congress ever tried to form a white caucus, they would be attacked by the media and forced to perform Hara-Kiri as an act of contrition.

The CBC is just grandstanding again, they should be focused on improving the lives of their constituents by focusing on cleaning up the inner cities, waging war against crime and drug dealers, creating educational opportunities for black youths and working towards creating jobs as well as instilling a sense of community. But that would only undermine their true agenda which is keeping their places in Congress where they can continue to suck the blood from American taxpayers like leeches on their backs.

These people are absolutely worthless and the voters in their districts should throw all of the bums out by electing men and women who actually give a damn about improving the lives of blacks in America instead of sowing the seeds of anger and divisiveness.