In what can best be described as a frantic race against time, the media is working around the clock to bury Donald Trump under an avalanche of sleazy old sex allegations before a damaging smoking gun email gets released that would torpedo Hillary. Mrs. Clinton’s hated nemesis Julian Assange and Wikileaks have been increasing the flow of incriminating information on the Clinton crime syndicate and there are still over three weeks to go until the election.

The Podesta emails have badly rattled the establishment but have been largely suppressed by Team Hillary’s media allies peddling a slew of lurid tales smearing Trump as a borderline rapist and a “groper”, the latter sounds suspiciously like a term that was created by a Frank Luntz focus group and it’s a description that is being used in nearly every story. One gets the idea though that the revelations on the inner workings of the slimy Clinton crime family operative John Podesta are only an appetizer for what is yet to come on Hillary.

While the embattled Trump has been forced to play defense over the corrupt media’s sex attacks, he is soon going to go back on offense by hitting Hillary with the Wikileaks material and the serious issues that it contains. The presstitutes have downplayed the hacked emails as well as spread Democrat propaganda that Vladimir Putin is behind it all but they are treading on thin ice when it comes to maintaining any credibility once the election is over – not that they have much to begin with – and could find themselves essentially forced to cover anything really big that is yet to come.

Trump is punching his way back off the ropes but struggling to get any coverage other than the buckets of slime that are being thrown at him daily by the New York Times and Washington Post as well as other Clinton surrogates.

The Hill reports “Trump mines WikiLeaks for attacks on Clinton”:

Donald Trump is digging into the trove of hacked emails published by WikiLeaks, claiming private correspondence from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman and her top advisers are evidence she is a hopelessly corrupt politician who will sell the U.S. out to foreign interests.

Speaking from a teleprompter at a rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Thursday night, Trump got back on message by attacking his rival for president, rather than the Republicans who have abandoned him or the women who have accused him of groping them.

After a blistering speech earlier in the day in which he lashed out at his female accusers and the news outlets that have printed their stories, Trump didn’t once mention the swirling controversies at the massive evening rally.

Rather, he appeared unfazed by the cascading scandals as he ticked through a series of new attacks against Clinton that he vowed to prosecute through the final 26 days of the election.

Most of the attacks stemmed from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s hacked emails, which have been published online by WikiLeaks.

Trump accused the Clinton campaign of “colluding” with President Obama’s Department of Justice over the investigation into Clinton’s private email server.

“It’s a disgrace and they ought to be ashamed of themselves,” Trump said.

He accused the Clinton Foundation of a pay-for-play scheme, saying that her State Department had signed off on a Saudi Arabian arms deal after Bill Clinton received money from the foreign government to give a speech.

Trump also pointed to an email that appeared to show now-Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile tipping Clinton off to a question ahead of a town hall during her primary race against Bernie Sanders.

With his chances to win the White House being eroded by the unprecedented media onslaught that is crafted to persuade low-information voters, Trump now needs to jack up the intensity level.

It’s time to go full scorched earth and blast Clinton and her lackeys into oblivion with the Wikileaks material and hope that Assange still has an ace in the hole left to play. The objective needs to be that if he is denied the presidency thanks to the collusion of the Clintons and the media, then the warmongering Wall Street whore needs to be mortally wounded in the process so that impeachment proceedings can commence shortly after the inauguration.