If Donald Trump is defeated in three and a half weeks one of the big winners will be Paul Ryan. The Speaker of the House has been an opponent of the billionaire outsider from the outset and has walked a thin line as he has worked behind the scenes to sabotage his own party’s nominee. There is a good reason why the Wisconsin congressman is a media favorite who has somehow managed to transcend partisanship in an age of political rancor and that is because he is in the bag for the special interests that control both parties.

Ryan once again earned high praise from the presstitutes when he twisted the knife into his own party’s presidential nominee’s back during the feeding frenzy over the now infamous “pussy” tape. The golden boy pulled out of a joint appearance with Trump last Saturday and has now turned towards serving his true constituents – the big money donors who have guided the career of an obscure cheesehead into the most powerful position in Congress.

According to Politico “Ryan sounds alarm on Trump”:

Speaker Paul Ryan told top donors on Wednesday evening that he’s growing concerned about whether House Republicans will be able to weather the political storm this November — and suggested the outcome for his party could be dire.

During a conference call, Ryan said he believed that House Republicans had taken a serious hit amid Donald Trump’s freefall following release of the now-infamous “Access Hollywood” video, according to a person who was on the call. Ryan noted that Republicans lost more than 20 seats in 2008, when John McCain lost to Barack Obama by seven percentage points. By comparison, Ryan pointed out grimly, Trump is trailing by around 10 percent nationally.

Speaker Ryan holds routine calls with top supporters, top grassroots organizers, and many others. This is an opportunity to discuss our efforts to win in November,” said Zack Roday, a Ryan spokesman.

Having been screwed over by Ryan one time too many, Trump took off the kid gloves this week which immediately earned him the scorn of some Republicans in Congress who appear to fear reprisals after the election.

Politico also reports “Trump’s Hill surrogates: Stop attacking Ryan”:

Donald Trump is driving a wedge through the House GOP, showing no signs of backing off his now daily attacks on Paul Ryan, even as the Republican nominee’s top congressional supporters urge him to stop the intraparty war.

The relentless assault from the GOP nominee — Trump blasted Ryan again during a Florida rally Wednesday — is dividing even Republicans who support Trump, with some saying the speaker should get behind the real estate mogul, while other members argue Trump has gone too far.

Right now, Trump isn’t heeding those calls. In his latest series of attacks aimed at the House speaker, Trump accused the Wisconsin Republican and other GOP leaders of turning their backs on him because “there’s a whole sinister deal going on.”

But just hours before on a conference call among several dozen Trump Hill surrogates and Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, several lawmakers argued that criticizing Ryan isn’t productive, according to a source on the call who is close to the campaign.


A few surrogates, who the source would not name, advised the campaign that Trump should stick with attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton. The source said Conway agreed with them.

“It was people being like, ‘Donald Trump, the focus needs to be on why Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are different; not fighting between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan,’” the source recalled. “The focus of our efforts need to be on the enemy, not self-inflicted fire.”

It can be considered laughable that many are blasting Trump over not attacking Queen Hillary because he is practically the ONLY Republican who is doing exactly that while the rest are more concerned with saving their own asses. It is the GOP establishment that has failed miserably in going after the Clinton crime machine and according to reports, the RNC hasn’t spent a dime on advertising for it’s own candidate in 2016, a stark contrast to the $42 million plus that it spent on the doomed Mitt Romney campaign.

If Trump does go on to lose the election it will largely because of Ryan and the backstabbing Republicans who have always preferred a Hillary Clinton presidency. She will keep the corrupt spoils system in place even at the expense of a packed Supreme Court that will radically transform this country into something truly alien but to guys like Paul Ryan that is an acceptable tradeoff for his own ambitions.

Ryan’s latest treachery – coming so close to when voters go to the polls – reeks of political scumbaggery and it isn’t much of a reach to suspect that the king of K Street cut a deal with Hillary months ago. He and his Senate counterpart Mitch McConnell would serve their new master very well, just like Mitch and drunken John Boehner have done with Obama.

Ronald Reagan must be rolling over in his grave to see what his party has become.