Clearly spooked by the inability of the smear brigades to put away Donald Trump, a new idea has just been floated. Former Obama henchman David Axelrod is suggesting that Hillary Clinton skip this week’s final presidential debate because Donald Trump is being mean to her. Trump has called for Mrs. Clinton to submit to a drug test prior to the debate, a reasonable suggestion considering the whore of Wall Street’s history of batshit behavior.

As reported by The Hill “Axelrod: Maybe Clinton should reconsider final debate”:

Democratic strategist David Axelrod on Saturday suggested that Hillary Clinton skip her third and final presidential debate with Donald Trump.

The former White House adviser to President Obama responded to Trump’s call for a drug test before his next debate with Clinton later this month.

“You have to wonder if @HillaryClinton will/should reconsider next debate, given the depths to which this has sunk,” Axelrod tweeted.

Trump, the Republican nominee, floated the idea of a drug test during a campaign rally Saturday in New Hampshire, comparing himself and Clinton, the Democratic nominee, to athletes preparing for a big event.

“Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right? I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate,” Trump said.

“Why don’t we do that? We should take a drug test, prior, because I don’t know what’s going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, ‘Oh, take me down,’ ” Trump said, imitating Clinton.

Clinton and Trump are scheduled to take the stage together for their final debate Oct. 19 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

The idea isn’t that far-fetched. With the media having united to trash Trump while ignoring what should be major scandals that are being released daily by Wikileaks, the only thing that Hillary can do on Wednesday is lose ground. Trump will be loaded for bear and having already scored a body blow in last week’s debate by telling Clinton that her ass would be in prison were he POTUS, he could go big by using a national television forum to put her on trial for what the media refuses to cover.

Axelrod isn’t the only one engaged in hand-wringing. The nexus of anti-Trump propaganda at the Washington Post also has the heebie-jeebies as per the article “Clinton has some big challenges in final debate. None involves discrediting Trump”:

The election is not over, and given everything that’s happened in this campaign, the unexpected should be considered the possible, if not the expected. Trump’s base is solid, but he seems stuck where he is, apparently unable to expand. He has to make up ground, not just hold the ground he occupies.

She has spent the summer and early fall focused primarily on one big thing — making Trump as unpalatable to voters as possible. She has 23 days of campaigning left to answer questions that people still have about her and to make the positive case for a Clinton presidency.

Chris Wallace of Fox News will be the sole moderator on Wednesday. He has a reputation as a tough and persistent questioner, just what is needed for the final debate. He will no doubt have plenty of questions for Clinton coming out of past and recent reporting about the Clinton Foundation, her use of a private email server and what she really believes about the issues.

Here’s one example. Clinton has said repeatedly that it was a mistake to use a private email server as secretary of state. She says she takes responsibility for the decision. But she has disputed FBI Director James B. Comey’s assertion that she and others were “extremely careless” in what she did. She has rejected charges that she or aides mishandled classified material. She’s said other secretaries used private email accounts. What does she think was the mistake, other than that it created a massive political headache?

From Podesta emails have come other questions — regarding her true feelings about trade and open borders, about regulations for Wall Street and big banks, about her campaign advisers’ views on Catholics and evangelicals. From elsewhere have come additional questions about whether Clinton friends and contributors got special treatment from the State Department.

While the WAPO goes to great lengths to hammer home the official Democratic party horseshit that Putin is trying to steal the election from Hillary she has yet to actually be confronted as to the actual content within the emails. The entire Russian interference meme is a gigantic red herring and Trump could score big by peppering her with the questions that the media refuses to ask.

While it could backfire badly if Americans get a big serving of chicken ala Clinton instead of the debate that they are expecting it would be a slick defensive move to avoid being mauled by what will be an angry opponent determined to set the record straight.