According to reports, the Internet connection of Julian Assange has been severed by what is said by the organization to be a state party. While details are sketchy at this point Wikileaks posted a series of tweets referencing what could be contingency plans if their leader was taken out.

The action comes after a solid week of releases of hacked emails from the account of longtime Clinton crime family soldier John Podesta which while generally being dismissed by the media, have resonated deep within the bowels of Hillary’s command bunker.

Assange has been under threat of assassination since he escalated his war on Hillary and while the internet is ablaze with rumors of his murder there has been no confirmation yet as to his fate. Given the animosity that the most corrupt presidential regime in U.S. history and it’s likely successor have for the Wikileaks boss, it would be extremely foolish if he didn’t have a dead man’s switch which several cryptic tweets by the organization with what appear to be key codes may indicate.

Monday could prove to be a very interesting day, especially if there is a pending information dump on Secretary of State John Kerry, a globe-trotting elitist buffoon who according to Trump ally Roger Stone may have threatened the Ecuadorian government in an effort to mitigate any serious damage to Hillary Clinton before the election.

Stone tweeted:

If Assange has indeed been silenced – or extraordinarily renditioned – it would be a huge escalation for the reeling establishment which will have dire ramifications long after the election is over.

Additional details will be forthcoming as the story develops.