Superstar Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton isn’t having much fun at all this season. The NFL’s 2015 MVP has gone from a smack talking showboat to a sullen loser who has never been the same after having the living dab beaten out of him in the Super Bowl. Newton has been a changed man this year as his team has stumbled out of the gates with a 1-5 record and is already on the verge of playoff elimination.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way for Superscam Supercam whose national coronation as the Übermensch of Black America was to have been crowned in a rain of victory confetti back in February. Newton however showed that he was a front-running fake who gagged the game away and then brought more embarrassment upon his team with a bitchy postgame press conference. Well he’s already in Super Bowl form with another postgame press conference snit that is justifiably earning him scorn this week.

CBS Sports reports “The reeling Panthers lose again and Cam Newton walks out during press conference”:

Following Carolina’s loss to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton made major waves with a press conference that was highly criticized for his sullen nature and short, clipped answers.

Expect more of the same after Newton walked out on a press conference following the Panthers’ 41-38 loss to the Saints that sent the defending NFC champions to 1-5 out of the gate this season.

The quarterback was asked if this is the “most disappointed” he’s been in a long time and said “next question.” Then he was asked about being frustrated, said “next question” the second time and left the press conference.

Newton’s going to get plenty of flak this week for his post-game demeanor. That’s now twice where he’s ditched out on a press conference in the last 10 games because he wasn’t happy with the outcome of the game.

It’s not the end of the world and we’ll make too big a deal out of it, but it’s definitely not a great look. A dozen other quarterbacks had to face the music this weekend too, and they weren’t storming out because they didn’t like questions about being frustrated.

Newton and the Panthers’ implosion have set new standards of futility for a team that was 17-1 headed into their date with the Denver Broncos and riding a wave of national media adoration but after being given a lesson in humility by Von Miller and the boys the dab-dancing dynamo is but a shell of his former self. The deterioration of Newton isn’t a good thing for the NFL either as he was being prepped to be the league’s new face, now it’s stuck with Colin Kaepernick.

The Panthers limp off to lick their wounds with a much needed bye this week and will return to face an angry Arizona Cardinals team that they humiliated in last year’s NFC Championship game and will be ready to put a whuppin’ on Newton this time around.