The celebrated avatar of anti-America cop-haters came up a loser in his return to the starting lineup. San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick was greeted by a raucous Buffalo crowd with boos and chants of USA! USA! during a 45-16 walloping on Sunday. After the game the visibly rattled Kaepernick expressed dismay that his idea of patriotism has received a hostile reception.

ESPN reports “Bills fans boo Colin Kaepernick, chant ‘USA’ before he kneels”:

Before San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem of Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills, a loud chant of “USA, USA” rang out at New Era Field.

Some interpreted the chants as questioning Kaepernick’s patriotism for his protest of racial inequality and oppression in the United States. It was an implication Kaepernick vehemently disagreed with after San Francisco’s 45-16 loss.

“I don’t understand what’s un-American about fighting for liberty and justice for everybody, for the equality this country says it stands for,” Kaepernick said. “To me, I see it as very patriotic and American to uphold the United States to the standards that it says it lives by.”


As Kaepernick, who made his first start since Week 8 of last season, led the offense onto the field, he was greeted by a loud chorus of boos from Bills fans. Those boos continued for the first couple of snaps before dissipating into cheers of encouragement for Buffalo’s defense.

During the game, a fan at the stadium tweeted that someone had thrown a bottle at Kaepernick, but if it happened, Kaepernick didn’t notice.

“If they did, they didn’t have very good aim,” Kaepernick said. “But I had some Bills fans before the game come up and say they are supporting me, so I think it all depends on who the person is. At the end of the day, I’m going to continue to fight for what I’m fighting for.”

Meanwhile, just off the stadium property, reported that outside vendors were selling anti-Kaepernick shirts, including one depicting Kaepernick in the crosshairs of a rifle scope with the words “Wanted: Notorious Disgrace to America.”

Last month, Kaepernick said he had received death threats over his protest, but he said Sunday those aren’t as frequent anymore.

The oppressed multimillionaire’s comments are an indication that the dude is drinking his own Kool Aid and is completely oblivious to reality. His choice to piss on the flag and all that it stands for may resonate with the angry fools in the so-called social justice movement but to millions of ordinary Americans it is a gesture of disrespect. Not to mention that his weekly futile and stupid display has spoiled the game for many by injecting radical politics into what would normally be a weekly three hour respite from the burden of day-to-day life. No wonder the NFL’s ratings are dropping like a rock but the league deserves what it gets for failing to discipline Kaepernick out of fear of alienating black fans.

The 49ers didn’t fare any better with Kaepernick as their starter than they did with the much maligned Blaine Gabbert and were absolutely crushed by the surprising Bills team. Niners coach Chip Kelly is now stuck with his militant signal caller because any move to go back to Gabbert would lead to the inevitable howls of racism from the grievance mongers and drive a wedge into his locker room.

Bills running back LeSean McCoy who invited a number of police officers to Sunday’s game had a huge day, scoring three touchdowns in an MVP worthy performance while Kaepernick pretty much sucked and showed why he was on the bench in the first place.

Next week it’s the Asshole Bowl when Tampa Bay Buccaneers rapist quarterback Jameis Winston pays a visit to Levi’s Stadium for a duel between the two most hated players in pro football.