Months of race-baiting demagoguery by Democrats and their media surrogates has paid off as La Raza has endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. Mrs. Clinton is basking in the glow of the Latino supremacist group’s political arm bestowing it’s seal of approval upon her campaign as the Dems look to nail down the coveted Hispanic vote. With the election now less than three weeks away and efforts to get as many Latino’s (legal or not) registered to vote it’s probably safe to say that Donald Trump is going to take a drubbing with this demographic. Hey, it’s not as if the Democrats have even bothered with trying to appeal to white Americans (unless they are queers and trannies) as they honed in on whipping up racial resentment to benefit at the ballot box.

As reported by The Hill “Top Latino group picks Clinton for first-ever endorsement“:

A political group affiliated with the country’s largest Hispanic civil rights organization endorsed Hillary Clinton for president Tuesday, its first time taking sides in a presidential race.

NCLR Action PAC and NCLR Action Fund, the National Council of La Raza’s (NCLR) political and fundraising arms, announced the endorsement in Las Vegas, the site of Wednesday’s final debate between Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump.

“When we look at how we got here, it is clear that Hillary Clinton is the candidate who can move our country forward, especially on the issues of biggest import to Latinos across the country,” said NCLR Action Fund Chairman and PAC Board Member Danny Ortega.

Ortega said Trump’s campaign rhetoric also motivated the group to endorse Clinton.

“There is no place in the White House for a person who anchored his campaign on deeply rooted hatred, bigotry and misogyny. Latinos will be asked: what did we do to prevent this demagogue, who openly attacked us, from becoming President. The one thing we cannot afford to sit at home on Election Day,” Ortega said.

The Clinton campaign touted the endorsement by releasing a statement:

After receiving the first-ever presidential endorsement from the NCLR Action PAC, Hillary Clinton released the following statement:

“For nearly five decades, the National Council of La Raza has lifted up the Latino community and celebrated its diversity. NCLR’s investments in training workers, empowering the next generation of students and leaders, and supporting families are a model for the work we need to do across America.

“As President, I’ll proudly work alongside organizations like NCLR to take on the issues that keep Latino families up at night – from creating good jobs with rising incomes in every zip code to passing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. Together, we’ll reject the hateful rhetoric that has been directed at Latinos and too many others throughout this election, and open doors of opportunity for Latinos in every corner of our country.

The nod is the culmination of a sixteen-month long smear campaign that routinely took eventual GOP nominee Donald Trump’s quotes out of context so as to paint him as a Mexican hating bigot. Trump has never in any way, shape or form denigrated or demeaned Latinos who are legally in the United States. Score one for the liberal media slime machine with a big assist to gutless establishment Republicans who never once bothered to defend Trump against the lies and smears that have rained down on him without even one of the RAT’s bothering to so much as wield an umbrella.

If Queen Hillary indeed assumes the throne then it is a near certainty that granting amnesty to millions of illegals will be at the top of her agenda.