The third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is now over and the billionaire outsider is once again dominating the headlines. A seemingly endless series of political debates where the deck was increasingly stacked against Trump as the stakes grew has come to a close with Trumpzilla still standing and despite being wounded, still lumbering towards the Imperial city.

What went down last night in Vegas was a spectacular shitshow in which Mrs. Clinton proved beyond a shadow of a doubt why she is unfit for the presidency. Simply put, the woman is a fanatic and a liar who would impose a crushing tyranny on America and trigger a World War III if she is put into office courtesy of a rigged process. Her accusations of Trump being “Putin’s puppet” are a sign of a dangerous megalomaniac personality that she shares with such historical lunatics as Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot all of whom she is hellbent at challenging in the body count category.

Despite Clinton’s menacing derangement and spewing of lies, her cronies in the media are screaming bloody murder this morning over Trump’s refusal to say that he’d accept the results of a clearly rigged election. Predictably, the loudest wailing is coming from the virulently anti-Trump Washington Post Editorial Board.

In a keening howl of outrage the WAPO writes “Trump’s breathtaking repudiation of American democracy”:

Donald Trump showed a bit more self-control in the third and final presidential debate Wednesday night than he had in the previous two. His back and forth with Hillary Clinton was more substantive, thanks in part to firm guidance from moderator Chris Wallace. But all of that was overshadowed by Mr. Trump’s breathtaking refusal to say that he will accept the results of the election.

“I will look at it at the time,” he said. “The media is so dishonest and so corrupt . . . they poison the minds of the voters . . . She should never have been allowed to run for the presidency.”

Ms. Clinton rightly called his stance a “horrifying” repudiation of U.S. democracy. Respecting the will of the voters has since the end of the Civil War allowed for a peaceful transition of power that has made this country the envy of the world.


In another striking moment, Mr. Trump denied that the Russian government has been meddling in this election, refusing to accept the judgment of the country’s intelligence community. Ms. Clinton said “the most important question” was whether Mr. Trump would acknowledge Moscow’s interference. Mr. Trump at first declined to do so, saying he doubted the reports by U.S. intelligence agencies. He avoided any criticism of Russia’s Vladi­mir Putin, repeatedly insisting it would be “good” to get along with Russia, with no mention of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and other actions that have made getting along difficult.

As if to prove Ms. Clinton’s point that Mr. Trump would withdraw U.S. leadership from the world — to Mr. Putin’s delight — the Republican nominee doubled down on his insistence that NATO countries and other allies “have to pay up,” and he absurdly took credit for forcing reforms on the decades-old alliance. Ms. Clinton, by contrast, insisted that the United States benefits from engagement in the world, which used to be a consensus view on presidential debate stages.

In essence, Pravda on the Potomac is like Mrs. Clinton continuing to smear a major party’s presidential candidate who won the nomination fair and square as being an agent of a nefarious foreign bogeyman and without even a shred of evidence to support their demagoguery. Seems like that kind of crap would normally be a trait of a totalitarian government instead of the “democracy” that the hypocrites in the on-the-take media hide behind while doing everything that they can to destroy it.

The WAPO weasels have lots of nerve to cry about Trump not accepting the “basic rules” of American democracy when it is the chief culprit in violating one of the key aspects of such a “democracy” being that a free and honest press is necessary to keep the people informed and to speak the truth to power. The establishment media has ceased to be an honest broker and only serves as a propaganda megaphone for the entrenched ruling elite, it’s duty is to keep the populace dumbed down, distracted and in constant fear as Americans’ civil liberties are crushed and their economic futures looted by a Washington-Wall Street cabal in league with globalist gangsters.

Trump got in his shots on Wednesday night but they’ll all be obscured by the daily meme that he isn’t going to go quietly into the good night and accept being cheated by a system that is fully arrayed against him and on the side of the special interests that have hijacked our government.