The Green party presidential nominee has blasted Hillary Clinton over her disturbing reaction to the brutal death of a foreign leader. Dr. Jill Stein took exception with a video clip that has been making the rounds on the internet showing the blood-soaked harpy cackling with glee during an outtake from an appearance on CBS. Mrs. Clinton oozes psychopathic tendencies over a man whose plight included being beaten and then sodomized with a bayonet as a result of her grand adventure in Libya that destabilized the Middle East and led to the rise of ISIS.

Stein tweeted:

The video is positively ghoulish and it’s a real head-scratcher as to why the Trump campaign hasn’t used the footage in videos juxtaposed with beheadings and footage of the burning Benghazi embassy compound where Ambassador Christopher Stephens and three other Americans lost their lives thanks to Hillary.

Stein also tweeted:

Blogger Mickey Kaus also makes a damned good point:

With Hillary setting her sights on Syria and the toppling of the Assad regime – if she is installed as POTUS – which will create a vacuum that will immediately be filled by Islamic extremist savages who will make the Khmer Rouge look like amateurs and give the psychotic bitch plenty more to laugh about.